Kamayoh protecting from Ayin horah and all harm and removing ayin horah remotely.

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‘Sheva Tiheyenoh’ has the full written haskomoh of Hagaon Rav Mattisyahu Doitch shlita (Dayan of Bedatz Eidah Chareidis Yerusholayim, Moreh D’Asrah Ramat Shlomo) to supply the Kamayoh of the tzaddik Rav Avrohom Chamuy Ztz’l for protection not only from ayin horah, but according to Rav Chamuy’s own words- “tried and tested a thousand times…he will never ever be harmed“!!

There has never been a better time than the present to purchase this kamayoh!!   Although it is a machlokes, Rav is of the opinion (Bava Metzia 107b) that all ailments are caused by ayin horah!

The kamayoh is written on special deer skin claff (parchment) b’teharah by sofrim yerei shomayim in Yerusholayim according to the precise instructions of Rav Avrohom Chamuy ztz’l -who lived over 150 years ago. We do need a small amount of earth from the city you were born in order to make the kamayoh (you can add in the earth yourself).
The text is laminated and double wrapped and contained in a small protective pouch and may be worn in the bathroom. (Concerning wearing it on shabbos without an eruv- a Rav should be consulted).

We received the following message from a client:
“There was a marked improvement after the procedure and I feel the kamayoh was protecting/helping me in unnatural ways especially with my parnossah! It was amazing…until…. I lost the kamayoh!- So please send me another one! I also have to tell you that the kamayoh stopped me doing an aveyroh!…”

The ‘procedure’ mentioned above refers to Rav Doniel Hool shlitah, who diagnoses ayin horah and then destroys it remotely from Yerusholayim, using the traditional method of pouring molten lead or ‘Blei Gissen’. Almost every day for the last few months, the list of stories on ‘the lead reveals’ page of his website gets longer!
Provided with only the hebrew name of the client (and his/her’s mother’s hebrew name) Rav Hool does the procedure in Yerusholayim and then tells the client -wherever they are on the planet- with uncanny accuracy what physical ailments he/she is suffering from. He has told people from all over the world whether they have problems with their teeth, a stiff neck, back pain, intestinal issues and so on.

Rav Hool says “Telling people whom I have never met- what they are suffering from is not simply a ‘party trick’……There may be six hundred Reuven Ben Rochel’s alive, but when I tell Reuven ben Rochel in Los Angeles that he has a problem with his right leg and his left shoulder- he now has full confidence that I am treating the right person!”

When asked how he can ‘read the lead’ like this, he simply says: “Every breath I breathe is with Siyyatah DiShmayah, and similarly it is only with Siyattah Dishmayah that I can do anything at all!”
Rav Hool says almost everyone he has done the procedure for- showed clear signs of ayin horah in the lead. “Even if they have no physical ailments, the ayin horah shows up in the lead and it may be affecting any non physical area of their lives…”

Not only has Rav Hool successfully diagnosed the ailments people have, he also has an impressive record of bringing a positive change in their lives by destroying their ayin horah! For example a woman had the procedure done because she needed a shidduch, but when Rav Hool did the procedure, he told her “You have lower back pain that is giving you difficulty to walk!” Three days after the procedure she reported her back problem had disappeared!
Recently, a client who had the procedure done for his wife three weeks prior told Rav Hool ” “Yeah! No toothaches whatsoever since the procedure (she had toothaches the whole time beforehand!) and even though she has had some light headaches- they are much, much much better, not comparable to the absolutely agonizing headaches she had before the procedure! Thanks!”

A woman who had suffered continuous pain in her arm for two years straight, reported her pain has completely disappeared only four days after the procedure!
Rav Hool has successfully ‘treated’ migraines, insomnia, parnossah issues shidduchim and so on! This week Rav Hool received an email from a 26 year old girl who did the procedure 3 months ago for a shidduch- she became engaged on Purim!

One can never know for sure whether it was the procedure done by Rav Hool that has caused a positive change, but the yeshuos people have seen soon after the procedure are too many to ignore! Many of the impressive successes are listed on the “success stories” of his website.

Rav Hool only does the procedure for someone who agrees to undertake the strengthening of a mitzvah. Rav Hool says: “They don’t need to tell me what mitzvah they have chosen- it is between them and Hashem Yisborach, but I feel we can only have Siyattah DiShmayah if they provide this ‘spiritual currency’. I insist the undertaking is very small so that their kabolloh is 100% genuine.”
Rav Hool has the full written endorsement (!) of Harav haGaon Rav Mattisyahu Doitch shlitah- dayan of the Eidah Chareidis and Moreh D’asrah of Ramat Shlomo Yerusholayim. He also has the encouragement from Harav Hagaon Rav Dovid Abuchatzerah Shlita.




Moreynu Rosh Hayeshivah- Harav Hagaon Rav Gershon Edelstein shlitah, discussing divrey Torah with Rav Hool in Rav Hool’s home in 1997.

Hagaon Rav Mattisyahu Doitch Shlita with Sar HaTorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita

Moreynu Rosh Yeshivas Gateshead- Harav Hagaon Rav Avrohom Gurvitz shlitah with Rav Hool in 2005

A talmid of Yeshivas Mercaz HaTorah, Gateshead, Ponevez and Mir, Rav Hool has been learning Torah full time for 30 years. It is intriguing that a talmid of the ‘litveshe’ yeshivos would get into such a thing but Rav Hool replies “I saw that the procedure actually works, and I know Hagaon Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fisher ztz’l sent hundreds of people to have this procedure done. What’s more- the Tzemach Tzeddek even allows heating up the lead on shabbos to try and save someones life- under certain circumstances! So if with S’D’ I can help people, and they will strengthen the performance of a mitzvah- why not?!”

To have the procedure done remotely-wherever you are in the world or to order the kamayoh- go to www.shevatiheyenoh.com


  1. I don’t understand how YWN would willingly publish such dangerous and stupid scams in the midst of a public health crisis. Those selling or facilitiating the sale of such ” snake oi:l to even a few gullible fools who might fail to take proper precautions thinking they are “protected” from the maris ayin of the corona vius, is mamash rechitzah.

  2. Blei Gissen or lead pouring has been accepted practice by frum Yeiden for hundreds of years…..
    Personally, I would be terrified at a time like this- to publicly make such baseless shaming accusations against someone who has been learning Torah for 30 years including 12 years in Ponevez and 12 years in the Mir………