Ani Tefillah’s Unique Diary Helps Transform the Way You Pray

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In these tumultuous and uncertain times, it is natural for us as Yidden to increase our prayers; davening that the disease ends soon, that those stricken be healed, that our parnassah doesn’t suffer.

But it’s not enough to just increase the quantity of our prayers. We must always be working to improve their quality as well. Ani Tefillah is dedicated to helping people young and old, to transform their prayers – and change themselves in the process.

Ani Tefillah is offering their unique Tefillah Diary at incredibly discounted rate, giving you the opportunity to experience Tefillah in ways you haven’t done before. The diary helps individuals prepare for prayer and adopt the right mindset using three simple steps:

  • Stop – remove distractions.
  • Think – focus on Hashem’s presence
  • Feel – connect emotionally with what you are saying

The diary is an extremely powerful tool, backed by multiple testimonials of people who have been transformed through the process of using it. It serves as a springboard for personal contemplation and for educational debate, and was developed based off Chazal’s recommendations for improving our prayer and strengthening our relationship with Hakadosh Boruch Hu.

Prayer has the ability to give us strength when we feel powerless, no matter how dire the circumstances. It can foster a sense of unity with Klal Yisrael – after all, we are all in this together. And it can be therapeutic, knowing that Hashem is actually listening to us.
With kids at home and an emergency situation continuing to unfold all around us, this is a perfect time to introduce the Tefillah Diary into your life and reap the benefits of more intense and contemplative prayer.

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