Yankee suffers from brain damage and lives in a wheelchair, with severe epilepsy and muscular dystrophy.

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Yanky was once a regular child, but at the age of five he fell on his head onto a hard surface, and since then he suffers from brain damage and lives in a wheelchair, with severe epilepsy and muscular dystrophy. He needs to be carried everywhere, he cannot speak and needs constant supervision by a parent, severely limiting their ability to provide parnossa for the other 12 children in the family.

The Bituach Leumi only pays for part of Yanky’s care, but he still needs therapists and medications that are not included in the the Israeli National Insurance benefits.


Yanky is now 15 years old, too old to be carried around, yet he cannot carry himself. They live on the third floor of the building; any trip outside needs a few strong people to carry the wheelchair down the steps and into the street. As a result, Yanky does not get sufficient opportunities to bask in the Israeli sun, to breathe the outdoor air and to develop as a child is suposed to.

The apartment is like a regular Israeli one, and wheeling a wheelchair through the narrow doorways is extremely difficult. As a result, Yanky has spent most of his hours in his bedroom for years on end, without much interaction with others and very little outdoor time.


Right now, Yanky is physically, as well as mentally, imprisoned behind his limitations. He can hardly leave his bed or his apartment and he cannot interact with others, because he cannot talk. With a specialized computer, his eyes can do the talking for him, and his world will suddenly open up in front of him.

We cannot watch this special neshomo and the entire family collapse like this. We need to find him an eitza. We need to raise for him the sum of $103,000 to pay for renovations to their apartment and to build an elevator for him, as well as this specialized computer that will allow Yanky to communicate with others.

Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern Shlita sends this special message: Whoever assists this special family for their yeshua, will merit great brachos and success in Ruchniyus and Parnossa.

We, Yanky’s parents, are here pleading for your help. We’re asking you to join the 1000 people who are pledging $102  so we can reach the $102k goal we need for medical expenses to help our Yanky.
Please, donate $102 and send us your name at the bottom of this page, so we can daven for you and your family at the Makom Hamikdash.