Incredible New Book Release: Out Of The Shadow’s Fascinating Story by Rochelle Garfield

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Lori is a highly acclaimed psychologist running an innovative anorexia clinic, with a devoted husband and two adorable children. But her fairy-tale existence comes to an abrupt end when a blow-up with a client and a mysterious upcoming event force her to face the demons of her past. Lori identifies with her clients in a literal sense when she bravely chooses to embark on her own therapeutic journey by entering psychotherapy.


This fast-paced, absorbing novel takes you into the therapy room with Lori and Dr. Wilson, as they sort through Lori’s chaotic emotions against the backdrop of her fascinating life story. Growing up as the younger sister of a child prodigy was always front and center in Lori’s life, affecting her relationships, her career, and her emotional health. The journey is wide-ranging and surprisingly enlightening, with many exciting twists along the way, including Lori’s own struggle with anorexia, her resentment towards her parents and sister, her sister’s unique struggles, and her relationship with her husband and children. It’s a captivating read that will give you a deeper understanding of your own emotions and motivations, and those of your loved ones.

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Editorial Reviews

Garfield’s personal and compelling novel sheds light on the fraught nuances of family dynamics, sibling relationships, birth order, and the power of control over a young girl’s life. A coming-of-age tale of the child who is often forgotten in the shadows of another. A must-read for teenagers and parents!

Esther Frogel, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Providing an enriching behind-the-closed-door view into what takes place in therapy, Out of the Shadow leaves a lasting and uplifting impact. It is a gripping page-turner, full of fascinating wisdom that is illuminated in a stirring and delightfully absorbable way. This book authentically demonstrates how stagnant and even painful family relationships can be healed. The riveting story unfolds in a way that not only offers hope but a clear path to a more joyful way of living, through gently removing the blockages that allow each soul to shine. Priceless!

Bracha Goetz

Harvard-educated researcher on anorexia

Author, Searching for God in the Garbage

Out of the Shadow’s captivating characters give an inspiring, relatable, and honest voice to the challenges and triumphs of the therapy process.

Aaron Feldman, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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