Miami Beach Kollel Presents: Rabbi Eytan Feiner “Has The Pandemic Made Us Better”?

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This Sunday evening the Miami Beach Community Kollel will be offering a powerful and inspiring Zoom lecture by the Rabbi Eytan Feiner, Rav of Congregation Kneseth Israel -The White Shul – Far Rockaway, New York. 

As the unfolding crisis of the COVID 19 pandemic continues to affect so much of our daily lives and as we look back at the havoc of the past four months it is time for us to take stock of what have we learned and ask ourselves: How have we changed? What have we learned? and how has the pandemic made us better?
The Miami Beach Community Kollel has been serving the residents and visitors to Miami Beach, Florida for the past 25 years with its beautiful Bais Medrash, it’s sincere davening and its many Torah shiurim and programs. It has also contributed greatly to the recent exponential growth of the South Florida’s Torah Community with and its Yungeleit serve as Rabbonim, Rabbeim and community leaders throughout the greater Miami area. 
But like all our beloved Mosdos of Torah and Chinuch the Kollel’s community-learning and teaching has been limited to phone and computer shiurim and Chavrusos. To strengthen the community and to address the need for Chizuk and inspiration the Kollel has been offering  Zoom shiurim from internationally recognized Rabbomin and lectures. As the next installment of this Kollel program, Rabbi Feiner will address the topic of Has the Pandemic Made Us Better. The shiur is for men and women and is available to anyone on Zoom. See 
CLICK HERE to participate in the lecture!