When They Lost Consciousness, He Held Their Hand

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Heartbreaking images surfaced this week of the levaya of Rabbi Moshe Friedman, a 36-year-old father of 3. Friedman passed away recently after an arduous battle with cancer, which spread from his lungs to other organs. His wife Chava was by his side during his suffering, while also raising 3 children, two of whom are suffering from epilepsy. 

After two years of tremendous suffering, Rabbi Friedman wasted away to the point that he was barely recognizable. Once a young, smiling man with a bushy brown beard, recent images show a pale, thin man in a wheelchair. In stark contrast to this image, his sons, with tears streaming down their rosy cheeks and flowing blond peyos, stammered through kaddish at his funeral procession. It was a painful collision of youthful & sick, life & death, the future and the past. Though Rabbi Friedman’s life has come to a close, his boys’ futures have yet to be written. 

Chava’s relief for her husband to be free of his pain, as well as her crushing grief & sense of helplessness are painfully apparent in the family’s emergency fund page. She is now a young woman left to single handedly support her children, managing their medical needs, while mourning the loss of her “partner in life.”

Donations are being accepted to help them through this unimaginably difficult time.