Israel Claims To Have Free Health Care, But It’s More Complicated Than That

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“My name is Chaya, but my Mommy calls me Chayale. I am only 6 months old. I can’t speak yet, but I can think and right now, I am thinking about my favourite person; my Mommy. She is always so nice to me, plays with me and cuddles me when I feel sad. Best of all, she feeds me when I am hungry, even if she is tired. Even when I keep her up all night, she still gives me the love I need. 

Lately, my Mommy hasn’t been the same. Now when she feeds me, she doesn’t smile, but instead cries like I do. When I look at her, wondering what’s bothering her, she tells me with tears in her eyes “My sweety girl, everything will be ok.” I recently heard her say “Hashem, I can’t leave this world, who will take care of my Chayale and raise her to be a Torah Jew?”. I have 5 brothers and sisters and all of them aren’t that much older than me. But I don’t have a Tatty or a Bubby or Zaidy, just my Mommy. But now I am worried for her because she goes to the doctor everyday and when she comes back, she has no strength. 

I heard her say on the phone “Cancer.” 

I don’t know what that means but I do know that when she came back from the Doctor yesterday, her nice hair was all gone. I really hope that my Mommy gets through this because I need her. She is the only who will ensure my brothers, sisters and I are raised as Torah Jews. Thank you in advance for keeping our family together.”

        Baby Chayale

Darchei Miriam, an organization which saves the lives of cancer victims, is urgently raising money to save the life of Chaya’s mother “Chana”. She is a mother of 6 without a husband, parents or family. She is in dire need of expensive treatments that are not covered by national insurance. The cost is staggering. 

Rav Chaim Kanievsky has also given his bracha to donors of Darchei Miriam that they should have no illness, and merit parnassah, nachas, and health. 

Those who are able to help ‘Baby Chayale’ and her family can do so via Darchei Miriam’s fund.