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Your Children’s Perfect Holiday Gift is Finally Here!

In Reva Beck’s debut children’s book “Sam and the Trump Hat”, Sam just turned eight years old.  He is very excited when he gets a special present from his parents, a cap that says Keep America Great.  Sam is a big fan of President Trump and can’t wait to wear the hat outside. But the present ends up causing him more trouble than he ever imagined! 

Reva wrote this book back in 2019 after becoming increasingly alarmed, frustrated and saddened at the extreme hatred and attacks perpetrated against President Trump and his supporters. “I cringe every time those, that should know better, call him and his supporters, racists, and white supremacists. As someone who works in education and advocates for children, I have seen how this kind of hateful rhetoric has negatively impacted our youth and our country.  As someone who uses a lot of storytelling to teach positive messages to children, I thought about what it would be like to write a story from the viewpoint of an innocent child who has always loved his country and has great respect for the highest office in the land. I think this story has many powerful messages to teach about respect, good character, tolerance, kindness, patriotism, and love of God and country.

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This is Reva Beck’s first published children’s book and it is a sweet reading pleasure.  This delightful story accompanied by beautiful colorful pictures will delight both young and old alike.

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