Video of a Cheder’s rise through the covid era

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Watching this video you will reminisce events of this past year which has been one of the most tumultuous and unpredictable of our lives. Every aspect of life, from personal, to professional, to communal, has been impacted by the challenges we faced.

Chinuch, the lifeblood of klal yisroel, was no less tumultuous and unpredictable. Will school be open? How will school be open? With a mask? Without a mask? Every student, parent, and teacher wondered what would be.

The questions were many. The answer is one:


You will be encouraged by the talmidim, parent body, and Rabbeim of Cheder D’Monsey who all rose higher than ever and turned a challenging time into a timeless moment.

Bask in the successes of the Talmidim who learned like never before, whether it was in-person or remote.

Acknowledge the parents, the greatest partners a school could ever dream for, as they raised their shutfus to unprecedented levels.

Last but certainly not least, Pay homage to Rabbeim & Teachers who each dug deeper than ever and rose higher than was thought humanly possible.

You have the opportunity now to join the Cheder families’ in RISING FOR CHINUCH! TOGETHER!

Your generosity will ensure that RISING FOR CHINUCH truly rises higher than ever before.

Please go to NOW to help us reach our $1.2M goal. Every dollar will be matched 4x. Every dollar goes directly to the Chinuch of our children.

Thank you for GIVING!

Thank you for SHARING!