BJX Discusses: Is Kiruv Kerovim or Rechokim More Important?

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Dear Reader,

Do you see the photo below?

Not a single student in the photograph, all Jews from our neighborhood, was raised Frum. Each and everyone could have easily, Chas V’shalom, assimilated; their Neshamos destroyed forever. Do you fathom how many Neshamalach and Kinderlach Klal Yisroel would have lost? Instead, Chasdei Hashem, they are immersed in a class learning about Torah and Mitzvos. 

Our community is blessed with vibrant Mosdos HaTorah and Yeshivos as well as different organizations that save lives in danger, keep us safe, help the needy, etc. But there is only one community organization that has spiritual oxygen tanks and defibrillators to revive those whose Neshamos are in peril; mamash saving Neshamos.   

BJX is that organization.

Only BJX reaches out to local public high school students, college students, young professionals, and Jews of all ages and backgrounds (we even have Baalei Teshuva in their 70’s and 80’s!). At BJX, Kiruv takes place in our own backyard, ensuring that Brooklyn Jews of every background have a place to connect to Hashem. 


BJX has also changed countless lives from the frum community, ensuring that people who are raised frum stay frum. BJX has inspired and saved numerous boys and girls who went off the derech. Our inreach programs have returned Yiddishkeit to those that gave it up and have deepened the typical Yid’s appreciation and love for Torah and Mitzvos. 

BJX has been there for us. Now we need to be there for BJX.

Lo Saamod Al Dam Rei’echo!

We beg you to please do everything you can to help BJX with its only fundraiser for the year. We urgently need EVERYONE to participate. Today, any amount you contribute will be doubled. Please visit and donate in advance. Your contribution will become active on the day of the campaign.

With heartfelt gratitude and love for Klal Yisroel,

Yitzchok and Moshe Fingerer