The Event of the Year You Wait For: Project Inspire’s Virtual Convention

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Project Inspire Presents…. Three Nights of Nonstop Action and Inspiration:

An Unforgettable (Virtual) Convention

You asked for it. You waited for it. And now it’s here.

It’s been a while, (far too long,) since you enjoyed a smorgasbord of some of the Jewish world’s most dynamic speakers;  serenaded by a live concert with iconic Jewish superstars; treated to  a potpourri of personal stories, and were rejuvenated by that special dose of inspiration that is the trademark of Project Inspire.

The world has been transformed in the past eleven months, as Covid-19 wreaked havoc on our way of life, our recreation, our ability to connect. Though unfortunately we cannot host our trademark convention in an upscale hotel, our team has been working nonstop for months to bring you an incredible experience.

For three magical evenings, you will be treated to all the reasons our conventions have become sold-out events. Dynamic keynote sessions. A plethora of concurrent sessions. Fascinating films. Real talk about real issues. An original, live concert featuring trending voices and established musical stars including an exclusive performance and interview with Nissim Black, a concert with Elie Benneth and The Traveling Chassidim and Moshe Storch. There will be personal stories from those whose lives were forever changed by Project Inspire. Star speakers include the absolutely incredible life story of Rabbi Fanger, Rabbi Orlofsky, Rav Gav, Rabbi Farhi and of course Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Grossman of Migdal Haemek to blow us away.

And of course, the opportunity to connect, to reach out, to be inspired and learn how to inspire others as well.

At Project Inspire, we learn how to see with our eyes open, to put our differences aside and focus on our strengths. We can make a difference. We can smile. We can open our hearts, ask about our neighbors and co-workers, and really wait to hear how they’re doing. We can share the beauty of Judaism with others. We can offer to study on the phone, or find someone who can. 

But most importantly, we can treat others with warmth and acceptance, the way our brothers and sisters deserve to be treated. The way we would like to be treated, in turn. 

This weekend, February 18-21, only at  Thursday at 8:00 pm, Motzei Shabbos at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 8:00 pm.

Don’t miss it!