The Shomati Campaign – A TYH Nation Fund for Our Brothers and Sisters

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The Lag B’Omer tragedy in Meron shook us all to our core. 

All of us. 


Moments like these are ways for Jewish brothers and sisters of all backgrounds to leave our differences aside and come together with one voice. 

A voice that says Hashem, Take Us Home. 

In moments like many of us want to help and with questions such as can we do anything? Do the families need help? 


Although we cannot yet evaluate exactly how much aid will be required, we know the financial demands will be significant and we have an opportunity to help these families directly. 

To help facilitate a donation to help the affected families TYH partnered with Yad Eliezer to distribute funds directly to the families that need it most.  

Yad Eliezer will assign a specific experienced staff member to work as liaisons with each family to determine the specific needs per family, how much assistance they already received, and we will ensure that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the most needed families only. 

This will ensure that clear needs will be defined, and Yad Eliezer will be able to effectively provide critical aid to offset expenses to help keep families functioning for the short -term and with long term to be there as a solid source of support for families who are suffering.  

Campaign Goals: 

• Sponsor aid for Almanos (20 New Almanos) including psychological help for them and their families. $200,000.

• Provide families who’ve lost children, with funds for one-time immediate expenses and ongoing psychological support $100,000.

• Provide “big brothers” and other support for new Yesomim. $100,000.

• Assist individuals who’ve been traumatized or injured with costs associated with physical and mental rehabilitation. $100,000.


Together with the launch of this campaign, we are releasing a song, that is very dear to our heart – Shomati. 

Shomati – Take Us Home, is a song we worked on for years and had planned to release next week. 

With the events that unfolded last week we took this as a message from HASHEM saying Shomati. 

I hear your cries. 

The song also has roots in a cave near Meron. 

A few years ago on a dark night, in the hills of Tzfat, as we were walking we heard the most beautiful melody emanating from deep within a cave.  

We had never heard this song before, but it very quickly became something that we would sing whenever we would fabreng.  

We have been unable to find the origin of this song, and it has definitely evolved since that first time hearing it.  

Thank you Hashem for giving us a chance to get closer with each other and to get closer to you. 

Anyone who contributes $1,000 or more will receive their own limited edition of the “Moshiach Suitcase” highlighted in the video (*100% of your contribution will go to the family as a sponsor will cover the costs of the product and shipping.)  

HASHEM, the time has come to take us home! 

We are ready.