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An Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Sustainable Party

We all love to celebrate our special moments with our loved ones. Whether it is the holiday season or Christmas, huge events come with a lot of waste in terms of disposable plasticware, paper plates, and more. We believe that it should not happen that way. Together we can make a strong impact on the ecosystem by arranging sustainable parties. Gladly, is making it possible by manufacturing biodegradable disposable dinnerware sets and other ecoware products that don’t stay in the environment for more than a month.

Plasticware does not degrade at all. Most people don’t bother to even recycle the plasticware, so it ends up being a permanent part of the ecosystem damaging both marine and land life. Hence, we urge you to adjust your mindset from plasticware to ecoware. Have a look at our eco-friendly tableware to find out elegance combined with sustainability.

Let us take you on a journey of sustainability with our ecoware that includes biodegradable palm leaf bowls, eco-friendly mini partywarecompostable and biodegradable plates, and more. Our eco-friendly tableware nurtures nature in the best way. With its perfect blend of beauty and charm, our eco-friendly tableware does not disappoint.

The carbon footprint of single-use plates made from paper or plastic is a lot. This is why we make our compostable and biodegradable plates from dried palm leaves. Palm leaf plates follow the trend of sustainable celebrations quite perfectly because no trees are cut in their manufacturing process – it’s just the dried fallen sheaths that are collected and then processed further. These palm leaf plates are perfect for indoor and outdoor celebrations. Unlike paper plates, palm leaf plates don’t leave the food soggy.

Speaking of plates, we have another range of elegant bagasse eco-friendly sugarcane plates that are made from 100% biodegradable bagasse. Bagasse eco-friendly sugarcane plates are more affordable and reduce your contact with toxic chemicals being safe-to-use for everyone. Another advantage of using our bagasse eco-friendly sugarcane plates is their beautiful color which gives off just the pure vibes.

There’s a lot more to celebrating ‘Green’ parties than opting for compostable and biodegradable plates. You might want to look for better flatware. But don’t you worry! Made from birch wood, our compostable birch flatware is good for everyone. Compostable birch flatware is in every way superior to traditional cutlery – their design and finish say it all. Opting for our compostable birch flatware will leave you with no regrets.

Your satisfaction is what drives us towards making sustainable products. Don’t make the wrong choice of wasting your money on lavish plastic dinnerware when you can get the same level of deluxe on a lesser budget with our eco-friendly disposable dinnerware sets. No one wants to keep a whole lot of utensils in their house when they can be thrown out to benefit the environment. Our disposable dinnerware sets save you both money and space in the kitchen.

Chop up tropical leaves from your home plants to create a tropical jungle vibe and serve your tasty meals in our disposable eco-friendly serving ware. Take the right step towards saving the ecosystem today.

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