7 Children Alone After Mother Has Stroke

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Her husband walked out the door, leaving her alone with her 7 children. She has been raising these children alone, doing whatever it takes to take care of them. To make matters worse, her ex-husband is no longer frum and is trying to entice the children to leave the Torah as well.

Mrs. R_____ is fighting on all fronts. She must provide for her children financially, so they have what they need, while also making her children feel the warm embrace of Hashem and Yiddishkeit, to help these children stay on the one true path.

Very recently, Mrs. R_____ had a massive stroke that completely paralyzed half her body. This has now left her children alone! Abandoned! No longer can she work to provide for their finances! No longer has she the strength to do simple things, like sing her children songs and teach them about Hashem, Torah, and Mitzvos.


Despite being with their mother, in her current state, these children are truly abandoned, floating out at sea with no clear path. She is unable to help or guide her children right now!

The doctors do have hope for her particular case. They estimate that with time, perhaps as long as 18 months, they can use various medical processes to help the mother regain as much function as possible.

But without the mother working, these children are destitute! The monthly expenses are well over $2000 every month, and the family is still in desperate need of help.

To help these children who have no functional parents is truly a great mitzvah. In the zchus of this great mitzvah, may Hashem shower those who help with sound health and a holy rest with nachas from their family.