We Celebrate The Role of The Women of Klal Yisroel

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Supporting mothers,

Strengthening daughters.

Securing generations.

It’s no secret that a healthy mother equals a healthy home.

But what happens when her very role as a mother prevents her from focusing on being a healthy woman?

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When the mother is so absorbed in caring for everyone else – that her own health gets neglected?

This is not an isolated concern.

It’s a phenomenon that affects thousands of women on a daily basis.

Enter Bishvilaych: The only woman-to-woman medical and mental health care organization in Israel.

Founded in 2005 by Mrs. Sara Semiatycki, Bishvilaych understood the need for making women’s preventive care a priority –

And the likelihood of it getting neglected until it’s too late.

For thousands of Jewish women in Israel, Bishvilaych is the empowerment they need to take charge of both their physical and emotional health.

Through on-site medical exams.

And nutritional counseling.

And mental health support.

And media outreach.

And student education.

And community initiatives.

On the Yahrtzeit of Rachel Imeinu, we celebrate the role of the women of Klal Yisroel – and reaffirm the primacy of their well-being.

Their health. Their security. Their care.

Family is the most sacred entity in Judaism. And the only way to ensure its survival is to empower our women to preserve their capability and vitality for years to come.

Endorsed by leading Rabbanim and applauded by the medical community, Bishvilaych is a leader in the women’s health field.

Because we treat the whole woman.

And all her future generations.

The result?

A changing landscape for women’s health in Israel, with untold impact on thousands of women – and millions of their offspring.

Join us. The very future of the Jewish people will thank you.

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