Racheli, a 10-year-old girl begging us; Please enlighten my life and save me from death!!!

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Operation Hanukkah miracle to save Racheli’s life!

We are approaching our goal. It’s within our reach.

We still need 494 people who are willing to donate $ 360 and with the help of the name, already on this Hanukkah holiday we will save Racheli !!!

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We are pleased to inform you, dear supporters, that thanks to you the campaign has progressed significantly, and we have succeeded in renewing Racheli’s treatments prior to her transfer to the Children’s Hospital in Boston.

We must continue with all our might until we reach the goal!

We must illuminate her life and allow Rachel and her parents to come to Boston, prepare for surgery and experience successful postoperative rehabilitation.

Racheli and her parents are facing months of physical, emotional and financial distress due to her rare illness and pain, and we must support them during this challenging time.

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We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any donation you make that thanks to Racheli’s debtor will be saved. We are thrilled by the wave of unity and immense grace on display. This is the embodiment of the people of Israel in its glory.

Together we can ensure that Racheli receives the medical care she so desperately needs.

Together we can ensure that Racheli lives. We can, and we must! Time is running out … Spread the word and join the campaign before it’s too late! If 494 people give $ 360 each, Racheli will be saved this Hanukkah!

We can do it!

We can save Rachel!

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My name is Ayelet. I am the mother of Shanel Rachel, and it is for her sake and her sake alone that I force myself to overcome my embarrassment and turn to you for help. I appeal to the kindness of your hearts and beg you to save the life of my precious daughter, because her condition grows worse from day to day and may soon reach the stage, G-d forbid, in which nothing can be done for her.

The kidney transplant that can be performed at Boston Children’s Hospital and save Shanel Rachel (Racheli) carries a $500,000 price tag, however no Israeli HMO or government agency is willing to take part in financing the procedure that will save the life of the 10-year-old child.

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Born with congenital kidney failure, Racheli has suffered since birth. With one totally non-functioning kidney and a second kidney functioning at 60% capacity, Racheli endures constant inflammations and acute infections as well as secondary issues that include anxiety and eating disorders. Additionally, Racheli must undergo invasive procedures in the hospital on a regular basis to keep her intestines clear, as she is unable to remove waste material from her body in a natural manner.

Thanks to the warm hearts of the caring people moved by Racheli’s precarious medical situation, we have, B”H, attained 40% of our goal.

Dear friends! We are so grateful to you and so appreciative of your efforts, but 45% is stil not enough! We have no choice! We must reach our goal in order to save Racheli. 

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  • Let each one of us approach 10 relatives and friends, explain the urgency of Racheli’s life and death condition, and motivate them to contribute to this worthiest of causes.

If 494 people give $360, we can save Racheli!



Together, we can ensure that Racheli receives the medical care she so urgently needs. Together, we can ensure that Racheli will live. We can, and we must! Time is running out… Spread the word and join the campaign before it is too late!

Tizku l’mitzvot!

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All contributions are Tax-deductible