When You Care About Hashem’s Children, He Will Care About Your Children

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We are days before Yom Kippur and we all want a year of Nachas from our children. What is the secret? 

Rav Pam zt”l started Shuvu 30 years ago to help the thousands of children in Eretz Yisroel coming from Russia and elsewhere receive a Torah education. Baruch Hashem, Shuvu now has 70 schools with 6,000 children from secular homes currently learning Torah. But there are so many more children we can help – if we have your help.

Please join Shuvu in this important Mitzvah at charidy.com/shuvu where each dollar will be matched. YOU can make the difference in these children’s lives. As Rav Pam zt”l said, referencing Hashem’s Midah K’neged Midah, when you care about Hashem’s children, He will care about your children.

Donate today at charidy.com/Shuvu