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The Paley Family Mourns Their Children Murdered In The Terrorist Attack; Am Yisrael Supports Them In Their Difficult Hour

The Paley family’s world crashed down around them in a moment several days ago. Five-year-old Ya’akov and seven-year-old Oshi (Osher) were murdered in a horrific terror attack in Yerushalayim. Their father, Avraham, is hospitalized in very serious condition. Professionals assert that the entire family needs a great deal of help at this time, both physical and emotional. A fund which is open for donations was initiated to help the bereaved family. Am Yisrael united in the wake of the tragedy to support and assist this family- and you can be part of the efforts

The days of shivah have ended. The levayah (funeral) of seven-year-old Oshi (Osher Menachem) was on motzai Shabbos and the shivah continued until Shabbos.

Their heroic mother, Devorah, a bastion of faith and inner strength, related how she felt that this was a tragedy that belonged to all of Am Yisrael. She felt everyone’s participation, everyone’s caring. She felt that her two children who were taken were the children of the entire nation. This feeling helps her somewhat in the face of her enormous challenge.

“We merited to receive two gifts from the Borei Olam– two good children who were easygoing and good-natured. They were killed because they were Jews by a terrorist- they died al kiddush HaShem. We can only hope that these korbanos which were taken from Am Yisrael will not have died for nothing, and I want first of all to take advantage of  this personal platform to daven for the father of the children.”

“Ya’akov, age five, was a ‘candy’ of a child. He was a child who was completely giving, with a strong desire to make others happy. He always said ‘Thank you.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to go on a bus, but if Ima wants then I’ll go.’ It was the same thing with Oshi. He was born on Tisha b’Av; we called him Asher Menachem, after the name of the Mashiach. We laughed with him many times that maybe he would be the Mashiach. They were children who loved to do mitzvos, to learn; they’d go with Abba to the beis haknesses. Now they’re together Above- in life and in death they were not separated.”

When we asked where she got her strength to cope with a tragedy like this, she answered, “From where’s the strength? First of all, baruch HaShem that I merited. I have a special family, they educated us in emunah in the Borei Olam, emunah that HaShem decrees and fulfills. We’re not in a place of seeking revenge.”

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Professionals who have accompanied these types of occurrences caution that the family needs intensive help. “First of all- physically, it’s very hard to recuperate. The father is still hospitalized; even after he’s released, we can anticipate a rehabilitative period that’s not at all simple; each one of the breaks causes its own pain, functioning will not be easy; and the entire family is chaotic and confused for a very long period of time.”

“Moreover, emotionally, we’re talking about a terrible blow. The tragedy by itself is doubled and quadrupled- two brothers- it’s simply horrific. We anticipate that each one of the children in the house will have nightmares for a long time to come. Plus, they may be afraid to leave the house, to stand at a bus stop- it’s something that will be with them all their lives… I’m not even speaking about the parents who will certainly experience great emotional anguish throughout their lives. To bury a child is horrendous nightmare, and to bury two is incalculably harder…”

“If we want that this tragedy should not develop further, we must, must, must help this wonderful family! Each one needs emotional therapy- the parents and each one of the children…they need professional treatment for an extended period of time. This is our obligation, to help them and to enable them to cope with this. We’ll help to soften the blow as much as is humanly possible.”

To help the Paley family click here

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