RSK Caps a Winter of Record Chesed with a Campaign Bringing Klal Yisroel Together in Support of Middle Class Families

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The Jewish chesed scene has rarely, if ever, seen a winter like this one, with Klal Yisroel joining forces again and again to support families in crisis, mosdos haTorah, chesed organizations and more.

Today, RSK is wrapping up this historic season by stepping up for middle class families and helping prevent their potential slide into poverty and requiring public assistance, Heaven forbid. Hundreds of staff members, volunteers and supporters are powering a crucial $2,000,000 campaign to benefit hard-working families in a long-lasting manner. 


In recent years, RSK has made a name for itself as the premier organization of its kind, not only serving those in need with temporary grocery and meal support, but also empowering them on the road to self sufficiency and providing them with expert financial coaching and the tools to eventually rejoin the ranks of its donors.

Named after the great Reb Shayele of Kerestir, the organization’s tremendous impact speaks for itself. A growing number of heimish families attest that the organization has directly turned their lives around and created a brighter future for their children. Through support and expert guidance, they have climbed out of the rut and returned to healthy financial standing.


This year’s campaign is aptly-titled ‘In the Middle’ to highlight RSK’s mission of standing beside those in middle who’ve worked hard their entire lives and now need a boost to remain in the middle and not slip into the ranks of the needy. The community has embraced this message and this mission, and excitement has been building for this big moment.

With the final hours of the campaign ahead, it is expected that generous individuals will continue to share their contributions and help crown the campaign with success. To join this mission and step up for those In the Middle, donate HERE.