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Make Your Learning Unforgettable

Are you familiar with the frustration of not being able to remember the Gemara that you just learned a few days ago? Not even being able to recall in which mesechta a particular sugya is in?

Armon Hatorah is a revolutionary program designed to enable anyone to clearly remember what they learned, for life. It is based on a memory technique known as “The Memory Palace,” which dates back thousands of years.

It is scientifically proven that the human mind remembers images much better than text or abstract concepts. Anyone can effortlessly visualize and remember hundreds of locations in his mind, such as the layout of his home, the grocery  store, or his shul, in very great detail. On the contrary, the average person finds it very difficult to remember what he learned just yesterday.

Armon Hatorah takes the sugyos that you learned, converts them into images, and places these images in locations in a room that is very familiar to you. In this way, you can actually remember the content of the gemara, as well as the specific Daf / Mesechta that the sugya is from, as seamlessly as you can remember the layout of that room.

Join the movement today, and make your limud Torah unforgettable! 

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