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Al Jazeera Moans And Groans About Necessary “Occupation” Security Checkpoint At Shar Shechem [VIDEOS]

Pro-Hamas news outlet Al Jazeera is extremely upset at Israel for taking its security seriously. Recently, Israeli police set up a checkpoint at the Damascus Gate (Shar Shechem) in Jerusalem, at which Palestinians must be screened before being allowed entry. The move is an obvious response to ongoing hostilities and a measure to deter and prevent terrorist attacks from occurring in the Old City.

“Israeli forces set up a checkpoint at Damascus Gate for Palestinians, while Israelis bypassed the security check. Palestinians at the gate told me this is “the reality of life under occupation,” an Al Jazeera “reporter” wailed.

When was the last time a Jew stabbed an Arab in the Old City? Asking for a friend.

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  1. In 1948 all Jews were thrown out of the Old City and couldn’t access any part of it until 1967.

    After Israel won back the Old City during the Six Day War they allowed the Muslims to continue living there and have access to their holy sites.

    I find it ironic that instead of showing some gratitude to Israel for allowing them to stay and have access to their holy sites they created a dangerous atmosphere and then have the audacity to complain when they’re inconvenienced for the safety of the very same people who are letting them go there.

  2. dr pepper its because all they understand is force. The foolish Israeli government showed mercy towards the cruel, and this is the result. Now its too late to undo that.

  3. What’s with this racial profiling already any human should be allowed in with no distinction, and all animals should be refused entry.

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