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ARROGANCE OR INCOMPETENCE?: Israel Had Detailed Hamas Plans Ahead Of Oct. 7 Attack But Ignored Them

A shocking investigation by Kan has uncovered that Israeli intelligence agencies possessed detailed documents outlining Hamas’ plans for the October 7th massacre, distributed mere weeks before the attack. The documents, titled “End-to-end detailed raid training,” reveal a chillingly elaborate scheme by Hamas elite units to raid military posts and kibbutzim, kidnap soldiers and civilians, and hold hostages in Gaza.

According to the report, the documents were known to top intelligence officials and the Gaza Division, yet the assessment that Hamas aimed to kidnap 200-250 individuals, including women and children, was disregarded.

The exercises described in the documents involved creating breaches in a mock IDF post in Gaza, simulating border area posts, with four companies participating and each receiving a different post.

The documents also contained instructions for kidnappers on handling extreme cases, holding hostages, and execution protocols. Southern Command and Gaza Division intelligence were both aware of these details, yet failed to act on the intelligence.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. So who exactly new about it. Was Netanyahu in the know? What about the defense minister? Were they paid to look the other way or let it happen in an attempt to topple the government or to stop the protests and strengthen the government. Answers are owed to Israelis and Americans as well since tons of tax money are being sent to Israel as Aid.

  2. Were these the same people refusing to protect and serve as means to ouster PM Bibi from office
    If they with held this info they should be tried and hung

  3. It’s in line with the Zionist stance during the holocaust: “only with blood can we conquer the land…”

  4. We were all saying this all along, so idiotic to claim Bibi’s ignorance.
    ARROGANCE OR INCOMPETENCE? Why can it be both?

  5. You are all overlooking the most obvious reason for the massacre occurring. Hashem saw the Bnai Yisrael needed the harshest message. He sent the plague of Covid on the world, he sent hardships and inflation by replacing Trump with a Tippesh. When I see the evil by supposedly frum Jews towards their neighbors in Monsey, against widows in Lakewood, I am not surprised that Hashem has enacted the harshest possible decree on Klal Yisrael.

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