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Help Yehuda Live!



Everyone knows and feels that a picture album is a piece of nostalgia. Magic flashes of sweet memories. Childhood memories, family and times of together are folded in and broadens the heart.

Yudale, has a picture album too. His mother takes many pictures of him, that will be kept for days to come 

Sometimes she takes the album in her hands and leafs through, looks at the pictures which brings back memories.

Here is Yehuda at the hospital on his first day, a soft baby that only today has come into the world. A light blue balloon is tied to his cradle with soft ribbons and it waves high…

In the next picture Yehuda is two months old, a first smile is shining on his angelic face. Here is another picture, her prince is embraced in both her hands in a strong hug, a hug that injects waves of endless warmth and love.


Here Yehuda is crawling already and here he is clapping his hands, while tacking his first steps. 

Pictures, happiness, love.

Yehuda’s mother continues to leaf through the album, but… the pictures are not smiling at her anymore. She is leafing through the album and a sharp pain pierces her heart.


Her Yudale is sick. The lovely prince that just celebrated his first birthday. Mommy’s darling baby is very sick.

She is leafing through album and the salty tears that wet her cheeks are dripping on the pictures, very painful pictures.


In this picture Yehuda is lying in a huge bed in the hospital and medical machines are connected to him from all over, and another picture, Yehuda is in the hospital corridor, pale and weak waiting near the operating room. 

Here is another picture with Aba in MA’ARAT AMACHPELA. They traveled together to daven for him and to tear the heavens for their child that they love so much. They cried ” Kel na refa na…” 


These pictures are very sad. They cause her to want to slam down the album, to close her eyes and forget the terrible sickness and dream…

To dream about a day that will come. A day will come when Yehuda will be healthy, and his large smile will peep at her from the pages of the album.

 And Yehuda, with sticky chubby hands will leaf through the album and say:

Mommy, this picture is from long ago, isn’t it? When I was still sick. Today, I am healthy! Right mommy?

And she will plant him a kiss on his cheek, take him in her hands and whisper in his hear:

Yes, my Yehuda. You are healthy!

Because all of those Jews that saw your sickness and pain, their hearts were full of mercy, people that couldn’t continue their lives as it was. They joined together. donated and gave you life!

Yehuda very much needs your donation! The treatments cost a fortune of money and only they will save is life.

Just because of you, he will continue to live, not only in the picture album on the shelf.

Donate here. Help Yehuda live!


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