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DO THIS EVERYWHERE: Bobov Kehilla Unveils Revolutionary Weddings Plan To Reduce Crushing Expenses

Leaders of the Bobov community have introduced a revolutionary new wedding plan aimed at helping families marry off their children without accumulating crushing debt. The initiative, established at the request of the Rebbe, was announced Monday night and is set to drastically reduce wedding expenses.

The new plan, developed by a committee led by Harav Chaim Shulem, the Rebbe’s oldest son, eliminates various expenses such as the tenoyim and Shabbos aufruf seuda. Additionally, the community’s new wedding hall, Oholei Frieda, will be available to participating families for a significantly reduced price of $16,000, covering all expenses including music, food, photography, and more.

Furthermore, families who adhere to the new plan will be eligible for a $40,000 interest-free loan, repayable in manageable monthly installments of $300. This loan, provided by the community’s gemach fund, will help make wedding expenses more feasible to pay back over time.

Additionally, the kehilla has also established a fund to provide mechutanim in need with a donation of $10-15,000 towards wedding expenses.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. A bit unclear. If the simcha hall will provide an all-inclusive wedding for $16,000, why will families need to take out a $40,000 loan for the “wedding expenses”? If the Rebbe’s whole objective is to keep costs down, why do the offer families who just paid out $16,000 an opportunity to assume another $40,000 in debt and be in debt for the next 12 years.

  2. Kol Hakvod for this new breakthru Tekunes long overdue.
    The problem will only be solved if the the Rebbe,Ruv,Dyen will NOT be mesider kedishen at any wedding who dosent keep to the kehilla tekunes.
    Of course the poor and low income will grab this great opportunity but the high income and rich are the ones who make those lavish simches and unfortunate the low earners try to follow them. Of course the argument is going to be that the RICH can do whatever they feel like spending and the poor dont have to copy but thats what Tekunes are made for. Everyone in the kehilla should worry about his friends,neighbors,mishpache and show the world that they can also cut down on lavish simches…

  3. Very interesting concept!! The chassidim shouldn’t make extravagant weddings but
    the Rebbe’s can do! Cut back the Rebbishe wedding hoopla and you can have five
    new buildings erected without schnorring from the public!!! Who cares if their
    grandson/granddaughter have a huge public event for their wedding???!!!!!!!!!

  4. i dont get it, what is the big deal? why such a big fuss? ger has such a thing for almost 50 years established in 1978 to help people marry off their kids

    just one simple question to everyone. why dont you see ever, never ever, a gerrer man going after money to marry off their kids? this is why. they are the only community who never goes after money.

    satmar has done it in the recent years too.

  5. In the early 2000s, Gedolim strongly suggested
    that THE VORT CEREMONY be eliminated,
    to reduce the cost of getting married.
    My advice to reduce the cost of getting married:

    Eliminate the diamond engagement ring.

    This is NOT a Jewish custom.
    It is an American custom, that only practiced in
    places where American cultural influence is strong.

  6. Lakewood is cheper than 16k

    Don’t you love when all these above litvaks admonish big Rebbeshe chasunas? That like asking not to have big tish.

  7. The reason the halls are so expensive is cause people that can afford fancy weddings want davka traditional Jewish places someone could have millions but want his wedding in a old Jewish place and allot of shuls and schools seek big profits of the halls they own that came from some friendly donors and do people can’t pay for a good place for a wedding. The real thing to do is get an investor that can build a hall fast and kosher and make a price with inflation set and get a thousand families to sign on to the deal to have a wedding there
    Take care

  8. They should also make a tekunah to limit the guest list.!
    As our community grows and expands it is endless and overdone.
    Why do 100 ppl need to attend?
    As someone who comes from a family of 16 and married into an equally large family, I am running to first cousins, and second cousin weddings on top of nieces and nephews.
    Cutting portions, making it intimate, will be the real revolution

  9. Some brief answers to some of the above comments
    The 16k Inc the vendor pkg, band , flowers pics…
    If the chasuna is 16 why 40g because presen the rest of getting married cost way more than the party , gifts easily 10k, aufruf shabs ,clothing Inc family members , 2 months rent , shabbos Sheva b, and on and on
    How many guests , 50% are just in and out mazeltovs which cost almost nothing maybe kugel and sesame chicken
    Finally rebbeshe weddings serve a very dif purpose and are actually very profitable for the kehilla in the big pic it needs a long text to explain
    Lastly there is a dif type of takana plan being floated in a large kehila that wud make a money cap at 40 per side with allowing each side choosing where to spend and where to cut

  10. In Europe 🇪🇺 חופה is in afternoon when can invite all acquaintances to reception, and dinner in evening only for very close people

  11. Give $1000 bonus/discount to any בעל-שמחה having a Shadchan[it] on wedding premises, meeting bachelor & spinster friends during pictures 📸

  12. Gadolhadora, it sounds funny to say this but the chasunah isn’t the biggest expense when marrying off a child.

    Shtreimals are pushing 6k (you need one good one and one ‘raigen’ shtreimal) that puts you at 10k
    Furnishing an apartment. By the chasidim they buy everything top quality, linen is 500 a set. Breakfront, several thousand dollar table, full kitchen appliances, and there’s another 15k (maybe more)

    Then all the sheitals, clothing for the wedding, makeup for mother, sisters, nieces, drop another 7-10k

    All the gifts they buy. $700-1000 on the talis bag, almost another 10k for jewelry,

    As I said, 16k for the wedding is only a small part of the wedding expenses.

    A wedding in the chassidish community will knock you back at least 75k.

  13. @Gadolhadorah, I imagine the $40,000 loan is to include the $16,000 plus the expenses of setting up the new couple in an apartment with all their needs- furniture, appliances, houseware, plus certain other expenses like a sheitel and a shtreimel. And if they need less than $40,000, I’m sure they’re allowed to borrow less.

  14. Gadolhadorah – The wedding itself is a small part of the overall expenses. $16k covers only the wedding (hall, food, music, flowers, liquor). You have the vort, aufruf, sheva brachos, kallah wardrobe, chasan wardrobe, jewelry for each, setting up an apartment… etc. Then if you are also helping with support… this gives a little kick start and all.

  15. Amazing how many amay haoretz misnagdishe oysvorfs there are here. You fargin the rebbe / ruv from having a large chasuna. Of course you do because you don’t understand how this works. They are all his family. You celebrate with your family.

  16. @ R8chel almost no one attends a wedding eating the main course aside for close family any more . A wedding in fact now probably has 1000 people minimum coming in and out . BH it’s normal to have 2-3 simchas a night . Almost nobody I know sits down for a main course. That’s already gone . You grab a hot kugel and dance a little .

    Side note the cost isn’t really the wedding hall or food . It’s the shitel, clothing gowns , Shabbos Sheva Brocha’s, gifts, setting up the house, furniture etc

  17. Taknos feed intobthe problem of people thinking they’re entitled to spend money they don’t have and then shnor to pay it back.

  18. A minyan is required for sheva brochos. That’s the number of guests who should be invited, plus the mesader kiddushin. Problem solved.

  19. Time has arrived to reinstate the era of Friday afternoon weddings as was case in the olden days.
    Wedding halls would love this, as gives 1 extra booking slot per week, so even if offer Friday weddings at reduced rate, a win win for בעלי-שמחה & Wedding halls/photographers etc

  20. If as some of the above comments note that the $16,000 for the wedding is just small change compared to the “other” wedding related expenses, why no also limit how much is spent on gifts, verts, sheva brachos, new shtreimlach/sheitels, 2 months rent??, breakfront?? etc.

    Seems like the parents can split the costs evenly and the choson/kalah will get by with a small apartment, some used furniture etc. like most do until they’ve saved up for a larger condo or home.

  21. Gadolhadorah What a genius should maybe win the noble prize for wisdom, wake up and smell the coffee.
    commonsaychel most Rebbishe weddings aren’t lavish and fancy these days it’s just like a huge “tish” it does cost but every Chusid wants to attend their Rabbis Sincheh and they usually got sponsors.

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