VIRAL VIDEO: Adar ‘Halaila’ Music Video Gains 310,000 Views…& Counting


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Rising artist, Amram Adar, released his debut album, “Baruch Hashem,” on December 11, 2011 to amazing reviews. Adar was picked up by veteran producer Yochi Briskman and together they’ve proved to be a strong force. Adar worked closely on his album with some of the biggest Jewish talent known today and “Baruch Hashem” reflects that star power. Adar’s upbeat music video, featuring the sensational song “Halaila,” was an instant hit with the public, garnering over 310,000 views (and counting).

Additionally, Adar is one of the most requested albums currently on YWN Radio.
The 12 track album “Baruch Hashem” is jam packed with unique compositions. Adar sings in Hebrew and Yiddish, his versatility allowing him to belt out a wide variety of songs ranging from Chasidic to techno to horas with equal quality. The album’s crowning glory, “Halaila,” is a perfect example of Adar’s distinctive work, as he melds modern music with ancient words. Adar worked with notables Yitzy Waldner, Yochanan Shapiro, Yoni Eliav, and Dr. Mordechai Sobol, as well as Mona Rosenblum, Moshe Laufer, Ian Freitor, Ofir Sobol Yanky Briskman, Dr. Mordechai Sobol and Yoni Eliav.
“Baruch Hashem” is available on CD wherever great Jewish music is sold.

You can also enjoy Adar on YWN Radio, streaming 24 hours a day!

Click HERE to watch this video from a mobile device.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Ummm….Git Meshige. “Shtusim” is not a word. If you’re as learned as you would like us to believe you are, then you should know the word is “shtuyot”.
    And that concludes lesson “A” of Hebrew-101.

  2. 311,000 views on youtube!?!?!?!? Why??? It’s just another autotuned Jewish music video. Even the YBC or Aish Chanukah videos doesn’t have nearly as many. I think someone is using a program to rack up the views.

  3. @brooklynhocker That’s possible but I think they all try to use such programs, plus youtube detects when you use them.
    I think this video stands out in it’s quality of production, editing, singing and “good feeling” leibedikeit.

  4. Another 16,000 views in 3 days? Who’s watching this? It’s definitly a program. Yalili has OVER a million views!!! No offense, but it’s not that great of a video to be watched 1,000,000 times. Most people that like the song have the CD, so how many “other” people are still watching?