Flavors Of The World At Your Fingertips


The names alone evoke fabulous flavors and far-away places: Hickory-Smoked Sea Salt, Premium Grade Spanish Saffron, Garam Masala, and the more prosaic but perhaps even more tempting Bread-Dipping Blend. Imagine your challah drenched in a new flavor…

Spices are what make the difference between bland, uninteresting food and dishes to remember. But where would your average consumer easily pick up something like 4 ounces of Beet Powder or 25 pounds of Caribbean Jerk Seasoning?

World Spice Inc., a well-established spice company that has been servicing large food manufacturers for over 30 years, is excited to debut their services to home cooks and local businesses through SpicesForLess.com.

Now anyone from your average balebusta to restaurant chefs to food manufacturers can order hundreds of hard-to- find products to their doorstep. SpicesForLess.com, an easy-to- use website, puts the flavors of the whole world at your fingertips with just the click of a mouse.

Why schlep out to buy spices that may have been sitting on store shelves for months when you can order them freshly ground straight from the production site with free, fast shipping? The selection of over 400 products, all OK-certified, includes rare Vegetable and Fruit Powders, dozens of Gourmet Salts, and a large variety of Chili Peppers.

Never prepare a boring meal again!