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It’s Not Us. It’s Yerushalayim.

By: Shiffy Friedman

This summer, those fortunate to have secured a luxury apartment in Merom Yerushalayim’s Phase 1 development will enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Surrounded by lush greenery and Jerusalem’s sun-kissed stone, they will spend the evenings in the pleasant breeze, absorbing the magnificent view from their balconies. At this historic moment in time, now that occupancy of the project that culminates the past and future is in full swing, Ami had the privilege of visiting the site to get a real, inside view.

You’ve seen the Merom Yerushalayim ads for months now. You’ve been tempted by the photos, excited by the details. A secluded oasis in the heart of Jerusalem that offers luxury living on the highest of standards, breathtaking views, and luscious grounds seemed like a fairy tale, no less. It was hard to believe that this ideal culmination was at all possible. But we’ve checked it out for you-vand here’s the report, live from the site.

From Dream to Reality

For several years, the buzz has circulated that something big is happening in Yerushalayim. People knew to tell one another that in the most coveted neighborhood of the Holy City, a unique pastoral landmark setting would become home to a modern upscale development. “The dream project for every discerning homebuyer,” real estate experts told their clients of Merom Yerushalayim when it was still in its initial stages of development. “The standard of construction and design will be tenfold higher than what’s currently considered upscale. If you care for quality living in the place of your dreams, this is what you’ve been waiting for all these years.” Of course, we’ve been skeptical about all this sales talk. After all, glossy, appealing ads for Jerusalem projects abound. Why would Merom Yerushalayim be any different? But the moment we stepped foot into the Shneller compound and entered the Merom Yerushalayim vicinity, we knew we were in for something breathtaking, something uniquely novel. The first thought that came to mind was that we were looking at a portrait of the perfect scene. To live in this coveted development, then, was to live in dreamland.

Picture the scene. Surrounded by a stretch of gleaming white stone and lush greenery, in a secluded Jerusalem neighborhood right off the bustling streets of Geulah, stand a neat row of perfectly constructed, impeccably finished buildings. As you stand and marvel in awe at the sight that greets your eyes against the backdrop of an exquisite blue sky, you get to hear a rare sound in the city that’s always buzzing—the chirping of the birds. If this isn’t magical, we don’t know what is. There’s no other place like this in the world.

Inside, our awe does not diminish. A team of highly skilled experts in every field, we learn, has come together to create the most exquisite project Yerushalayim has ever seen. And 150 families already have the privilege of calling this project home.

Only the Best Will Do

Thanks to the combined input of the most experienced contractors, architects, landscaping experts, and designers, Merom Yerushalayim offers true quality of life to every resident. No stone was left unturned to ensure that every unit in every building be completed to perfection, down to the last detail. In order to ensure utmost comfort and convenience for the residents, the team invested itself in planning and executing an intricate underground parking lot, as well. Down to the last detail—the windows, electrical sockets, and lobby fixtures, every part of the project received its well- deserved consideration. Those who requested custom apartments to suit their family’s needs had their wishes met to the T—which, in one case, meant combining six apartments to create the buyer’s 6,000 square foot dream home. For this resident, the team expertly managed to bridge the gap between Manhattan and Jerusalem.

As we leisurely stroll around the wide expanses of Merom Yerushalayim’s grounds, we get to meet some of the gratified residents who are more than eager to share how their new life has been for them since the blessed day of their recent move. Families from places like Zurich, Vienna, Antwerp and Golder’s Green, from Flatbush and Monsey, Boro Park and Williamsburg, from Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, from Toronto and Montreal, all express similar sentiments of absolute joy and gratitude for having made this incredible decision.

From these residents, we get an inside view of the unique life they lead—a seamless tapestry of modern living right at the heart of the City that’s saturated with holiness, surrounded by Chassidic courts and yeshivos of all stripes. These are couples and families who didn’t want to give up on anything. They knew to choose Merom Yerushalayim.

A Sparkle in His Eye

At the site, we have the privilege of meeting Yossi Waldman of Toronto, the real estate developer renowned for his expertise in the international development field who, not surprisingly, stands at the helm of Merom Yerushalayim, as well. When Yossi speaks of this prized project, the sparkle in his eye—usually reserved for dreamers, conveys his excitement and appreciation for the impeccable results. “It’s not us,” says Yossi of the impressive development he’s been instrumental in establishing. “It’s Yerushalayim!” It’s evident that from the depths of his heart, Mr. Waldman possesses a profound appreciation for the Holy City, one that has undoubtedly played a prominent role in his dedication to this project and thus its incredible outcome.

“I view every project I’m involved with,” shares Mr. Waldman, “like a world of its own, as if it has a heart and soul. We want to give its residents the ideal living experience, to ensure that they’re satisfied with every last detail. But especially when it comes to a development in Yerushalayim, it literally becomes a part of my life. I’m overwhelmed with emotion that I merited to be instrumental in a project that graces the heart of this Holy City. I knew this had to be perfect.”

The Perfect Fusion

When the final product impressed even the selective developers Yossi Waldman and Eric Rothner, and their team, they recruited the renowned Sun Chen Group for the marketing phase. Not surprisingly, the sales rate and volume were remarkable. At this point, only a few remaining apartments are still available for sale.

As we make our way to the exit of this exclusive enclave, we take one last look at the magnificent scene. Simply standing in the square and inhaling the pure Jerusalem air against the backdrop of the beautiful buildings is enough to make us realize that yes, sometimes, things in life are too good to be true—but they’re true nevertheless.

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