Bikur Cholim To Host 66th Annual Awards Dinner


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Bikur Cholim, the chesed organization which has been helping our community’s most vulnerable for decades, is hosting its 66th annual dinner gala.

The dinner will be honoring outstanding members of the community. Our honorees, Saul N. Friedman, Dr. Abraham M. Taub, Robert Guimento, Michael Korsinsky Ushi Klein, Dr. David Lefkowitz and Yanky Ehrenreich selflessly assist us in our endeavors.

The dinner will be held on Motzei Shabbos, December 15th, 2018, at Ateres Chaya Ballroom on 1415 54th street Brooklyn, NY 11219. The reception will be at 7:30 and the Dinner, at 8:15. Tickets can be purchased online at the Bikur Cholim website.

About Bikur Cholim

For over six decades, Bikur Cholim and its dedicated team of volunteers has been providing support for the most vulnerable among us. Young or old, our organization  is always there connecting community members at times when it’s needed the most. We know firsthand the importance or both physical and mental wellness. Our devoted members continuously raise money to help others with medical and therapy expenses. Additionally, Bikur Cholim works tirelessly to assist impoverished families and those struggling to function as a healthy, cohesive family unit.

Some examples include:

  • Raising money for medical equipment and medical procedures
  • Assisting indigent as well as families struggling to function
  • Clothing for school aged children
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Food for the temporarily disabled and grocery pickup for the homebound
  • Adopt a Bubby
  • Shofar and Megillah
  • Home and hospital visits

Purchase your dinner tickets here today.