Opportunities for Chesed Are Endless – But it Starts With You!


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Hundreds of vulnerable individuals live near you that need your help – and with Bikur Cholim you can help make a difference in their lives. Young or old, Bikur Cholim is always there connecting community members at times when it’s needed the most.

For over six decades the organization’s dedicated volunteers have been providing support in the form of:

  1. Transportation to medical appointments:

Naftali was a young father whose daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia. With no family in town, no car and a minimal budget, the transportation was prohibitive. Naftali reached out to Bikur Cholim and transportation to Sloan Kettering was promptly arranged.

  1. Food for the temporarily disabled and grocery pickup for the homebound:

Chaya, a mother of 8, recently slipped on ice and broke her hip. Unable to cook and tend to her family,  Bikur Cholim stepped in by providing meals. Volunteers picked up groceries and helped with the children.

  1. Adopt a Bubby:

Mindel was an older single woman. With no family, she often found herself lonely. Chaya, a seminary girl wished to make a difference in the lives of others. She visited Mindel twice a week. And together they forged a close bond, providing Mindel with much needed company.

  1. Shofar and Megillah, home and hospital visits:

In addition to the various services we provide, Bikur Cholim coordinates a home and hospital visiting  program. Volunteers visit homebound and hospitalized individuals during their difficult time. These selfless volunteers even spare time during Yomim Tovim, blowing shofar and leining Megillah for the homebound.

No matter what your skills are, time availability, or interest, Bikur Cholim can help connect you to people for whom you can make a difference. Sign up now!