Think: If You Were in Their Shoes, Wouldn’t You Want People to Help?


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I know you have seen many letters for charity but none like this, all of you should always have unlimited blessings and health and success, isn’t that what we all want?

I want to tell you a story that takes place 20 years ago,it’s about a man that has ambition call him Joseph,he left school to open up 2 businesses to make something of himself and his righteous wife gave away all her hard-earned money that she and her righteous mother didn’t sleep for months, as a nanny and nurtured families grew them up in a community Today these children are successful and giving back to the world of philanthropy.

Since we lost the business we have been going downhill, we had many years of struggles,7 children thank heavens, a husband trying his best, a special needs child. Please take time to analyze the child pictured above.

We have been treated like dirt from other family members with living the lap of luxury, this righteous woman-my wife had 3 miscarriages recently due to aggravation and other family members and community low support and my wife had 2 times cellulitis in one year.

Our house is in shambles, the special needs child needs space to live, we were thrown from house to apartments, our landlord threw away all our clothing everything, we have no food no peace, I want to build a better life and I want to build the business back.

I am convinced that if you feel heartfelt pain for us it’s like all of us are going through this act today and I promise you will get a rewarding and successful life and bonuses right away Thank you for your support Joseph Goldberg