The IDF “Leaflet”


IDFwarning.jpg[Click on image to ENLARGE it.] We keep on hearing that the IAF has dropped leaflets over parts of Lebanon. Many of you are probably wondering what these leaflets look like and what they say. Well here is one of them.–YW Editor.? ? ? ? ? It reads: “To Lebanese citizens located south of the Litani River: Read this statement carefully and follow its instructions. The Israeli Defense Forces will escalate their operations and strike with extreme force against the terrorist elementswho are using you as human shields and firing rockets from inside your homes at the state of Israel. Any vehicles, no matter what type, moving south of the Litani River will be bombed, because they will be suspected of transporting rockets, military supplies or saboteurs. You must be aware that anyone moving in any vehicle is exposing his life to danger. The State of Israel.”