The Most Exciting Market For Investors Right Now


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“I wouldn’t think about investing my money anywhere else,” said Yanki M., a professional day trader living on the East Coast. Yanki has been a trader since he was a young man, working with some of the largest firms in Manhattan in his 20+ years as a trader. Sitting on his deck in this quiet suburb, he has the proud look of a man who has coasted through the ups and downs of the markets.

“When I decided to trade for myself instead of others, I chose the option that gave me the most freedom and plenty of upside.” Yanki chose to trade in the Forex market where he trades stocks, gold, oil, and currencies among others.

“Forex gives me full access to all the different markets I want to trade in from my computer. What’s even better is that I only need to spend 30 minutes a day trading because I know what my investments are doing for me at all times. While others are chasing their small profits, I am able to spend my time in yeshiva and with my family knowing that my investment is secure.”

Like so many others, Yanki saw the real potential for great returns in the biggest market in the world, the Forex Market, which   moves over 4 trillion dollars a day. He has seen average profits between four and thirteen percent monthly from day trading in these markets. His broker also takes a really low commission you wouldn’t see in other markets.

Yanki trades using one of the most respected Forex platforms in the world, with a company called Trade24. He is one of the company’s many profiting clients, and they are very pleased that their clients are making money.

Analysts from Trade24 are very bullish about the markets today and predict that this trend will continue into the future. “Now is the right time to invest in the markets,” said one analyst. “The markets are climbing higher each day, and now is the time to capitalize on that. Banks are only offering one or two percent for savings, but with Forex, you can definitely create a consistent monthly income.”

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