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Empire Poultry sets new rules

empire1.jpgEmpire Kosher is once again positioning itself as the industry leader in kosher poultry by announcing a ground-breaking packaging change that is first to respond to recent concerns of counterfeiting kosher poultry products.

Beginning in January 2007, Empire Kosher will eliminate its fresh bulk “Ice Pack” product line currently sold to customers/retailers who traditionally re-pack and further process product. Replacing the bulk pack is a Factory Sealed product line where products will be bagged in branded retail-portion bags and sealed on-site at Empire, offering consumers the security of brand authenticity and kashrus status.  Taking security one step further, Empire will also add a holographic image that contains targeted security measures to all fresh product packages.

“This new initiative will provide the consumer with a solid guarantee that the chicken and turkey they bring home to their family is, in fact, an Empire product and indeed kosher,” said Greg Rosenbaum, CEO of Empire Kosher Poultry. Rosenbaum continued, “It’s very simple. If a package is not branded and does not include the security hologram on the outside, it’s not guaranteed to be genuine Empire Kosher poultry on the inside.”

Master case weights, pack sizes, and products offered will remain virtually unchanged from current Ice Pack specifications. Within the case, whole chickens and turkeys will be individually wrapped, whereas chicken and turkey parts such as legs, thighs and breasts, will grouped in the Factory Sealed bag so the retailer can simply tray, weigh and over-wrap them. If a retailer removes the product from its Factory Sealed Package, the product is not to be labeled “Empire Kosher” when put on the shelf for retail sale.

In the coming weeks, Empire Kosher will launch a full-blown consumer advertising campaign to announce the change and educate consumers about the initiative. Along with the consumer campaign, Empire will also offer support to its distribution channel to ensure success at every level.

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  1. Empire’s Rav Hamachshir is Rav Belsky.

    I have spoken to Rav Belsky, and he says that he persoanlly eats Empire and serves it in his own home.

    He encourages people to call and ask him directly, if they have a question.

  2. meal mart shect’s in empire under the meal mart name & the nerinbater rav’s hashgucha he said there is no kashrath diferance only the shochtim that are more chasidish(don’t beard..) is on his run only

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