Lakewood: Chalitzah takes place


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Yesterday a rare incident took place in Lakewood. Hundreds of Yungerleit gathered to watch a very rare and uncommon Maamed Chalitza take place in Rav Blechs Shul. The Chalitza was done by Rav Blech Shlita.


  1. Let’s not forget, that while it is an unusual and interesting event, it is by definition part of a tragedy. Unfortunately someone (presumably someone young) has passed from this world without leaving zera shel kayama, and leaving a lonely almanah.

  2. Why have you deemed this newsworthy and why are you writing about it? I knew aout the chalitza but I haven’t gone around telling people about it.
    There are certain things that should not be reported. Period.

  3. I want to say exactly what Abi meleibt & Benuri said both times. what is wrong with it being in public, if it wasn’t then people would suspect that she is not going according to halacha and we don’t wan’t that. Baruch Dayen Haemes. The almanah and everyone else should only see simchas.

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