Hundreds visit Kever of R’ Yackov Abuchatzeirah in Egypt


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Hundreds of Yidden drove in police-escorted convoys across the Nile Delta (Egypt) on Tuesday to Daven at the Kever of R’ Yackov Abuchatzeirah ZATZAL (the grandfather of Baba Sali ZATZAL), and the locals received them with curious stares and a little resentment.

Egypt prepared exceptional security. Special force troops with automatic rifles guarded the convoys of luxury coaches. The visitors were not allowed to mingle with the residents of this western Delta town, 106 miles northwest of Cairo, but were confined to a cordoned-off parking area next to the Kever.

Residents watched from their windows as the big coaches slowly wound their way along the muddy road to the Kever. The authorities had just widened the road, leaving piles of rubble and freshly turned earth on the side, and had created a parking area in what had been a field of lush clover. A steamroller was leveling it as the first coaches arrived.

Egypt guards the Kever, which stands in a small chamber, and allows visitors only for the Yartzheit.