The Trader Who’s Making His Followers Rich


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Shelly Macnamara is not your typical day-trader. This single mother of two living in her South Boston duplex drives a beat up 2008 Ford Focus station wagon and has been a waitress at a local diner for the past ten years. Saturday was her last day of work. She resigned without notice and has no other job lined up. Ironically, it was one of the more responsible decisions she has ever made.

So how is that possible?

Here’s why-Ms. Macnamara has joined hundreds of other profit-seekers online who are following and copying the trades of Superman704 (alias name), an extremely talented day- trader who makes his followers salaries they could only dream of. All this takes place on Trade24’s social trading network that lets users literally copy the trades of some of the best Forex traders out there.

“This is the easiest money I ever made” explains Macnamara as she anxiously glues her eyes to her laptop screen. Notably, what’s most impressive is how little her initial deposit was to get the ball rolling. “Only $500” she proclaims with a cocky smile. “Every day the profits just keep on rolling in. I basically get paid to copy someone else’s investments as they happen”.

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Another happy user is Craig Fitzsimmons, a former landscaper at a golf course just outside Leeds. He also quit his “backbreaking” job to join the online easy money making sensation. “You’d never imagine in your wildest dreams something like this exists”, he retorts in an optimistic bewilderment. “I make on average £293 quid just for clicking a ‘copy’ button”! Fitzsimmons continues with mysterious wonder “I’m surprised more folk haven’t caught on yet”. Johanna, his lfriend, bears witness to his overnight success. “He’s been complaining about working as a caddy for as long as I can remember. I felt bad at first, but at the same time I explained to him that he has to keep at it to support us”. But Craig’s desperate situation drove him to research easy ways to make money online. This internet search drove him to eventually take the plunge and make that initial investment. “At first I was quite cross with him after he invested money that we needed to buy groceries. But then the next day he showed me the balance in his trading account” Johanna recalls. “It just kept growing. I knew people made lots of money investing in the stock market and what not, but I never realized how easy it was”!

I’m a believer!

These remarkable success stories prompted this author to try his luck with the Social Trading platform. After depositing $1,000, I clicked ‘copy’ which allowed me to watch Superman704 run my money through various trades like a sideways rollercoaster. Although no profits were made on the first day, after waking up the following morning, I noticed that my $1,000 suddenly turned into $1,293. Today, without lifting a finger, my account balance is at $4,064 after just three weeks of signing up.

The idea of making money online just by clicking ‘copy’ seemed like it was too good to be true. But after trying it myself and a few spontaneous shopping sprees, what can I say-I’m a believer.

Learn how to earn an extra income by copying the leading investors’ strategies.