Yeshiva Bochur dies from injuries in car accident


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000.jpgThe Yeshiva Bochur who was critically injured last week in a major car accident was R”L Niftar from his injuries. The car that Yehushoua Falk A”H was driving in, was returning from Tzefas late Thursday night after delivering envelopes of Tzedakah to Aniyim. Their innocent car was struck by a drunk Arab YM”S, (who unfortunately perished too quickly). Original story HERE. Pics HERE.


  1. Boruch Dayab Haemes.
    ‘Their innocent car was struck….(unfortunatley perished too quickly)’
    Well said. To think it wasnt even a terrorist attack and yet these low lifes STILL manage to be responsible for the pain of a Jewish family and the petirah of an innocent bochur due to their wreckless irresponsible behaviour!
    Perei Odom indeed!

  2. Feif Un:
    I really think you should leave those comments, even if they are true away from the public. The family might be reading this and I doubt it would be of any comfort.
    Try and save those comments for your ‘FRIDAY NIGTH TABLE’
    ‘Lakol Zeman Voess’

  3. To Feif Un:
    Don’t be such a tzadik. Tzar baalei chaim is for a behaima. The Arab is worse than a Behaima. He is a Rusha. Besides, if the Shor killed someone he is chayov misah (skila).
    Therefore, like you wrote, Hashem has his ways. He got his deserved punishment. Yemach Shemom V’zichrom.

  4. Baruch dien haemes
    Fief hun why not?
    why they should not suffer?
    We see with Haman that he suffered before he died, so why shouldnt it also apply to all rashas?
    Its sad that liberalism seems to have taken hold of you.

  5. Dafkeh I do have a cold…! your right I just noticed the typo now…lol!
    yahhhhhhh, drinking is against the koran…IMAGINE!!!!!
    Pro Not anti;
    forgot to tell ya yesterday…thanks for adding so much ‘vava voom’ to this site. I really love your posts, seriously!

  6. FEIF UN — Your comments have merit and certainly make more sense than the absurd analogy to a Shor(?!?). not saying Hallel because of dead Egyptians comes to mind.

    However, I have to agree with the posters who point out that this is not the right time or place to say anything other than Boruch Dayan Ha’Emes. There will be other topics that I (and maybe we) look forward to hearing from you on.

  7. Feif Un, the point of the original comment was intended to bring some relief to the situation, and was not a sociological point, counter-point open for debate. Use some sense.

    I myself would have much more preferred that the pe’er odom died a slow agonizing death with untold pain and suffering. But that’s just me.

  8. nameless:
    You hurting my great anivus! Maybe I’ll make the YW Editorial board someday.

    As to this horrible story, I heard from a great Rov in the community the following insight:
    We all remember the tragedy in Artzeinu Hakdoisha in 5760 (1?) when the wedding hall collapsed in middle of a Chasuna and scores were killed and wounded – rachmana litzlun. This occured a very short time after the Sharon visit to the Mokom Hamikdosh that “caused” an Arab uprising which resulted in the deaths of so many of our innocent brothers and sisters.
    The Shabbos after the hall collapse, the Rov gave a moshul of a dog who was hit on its snout by its master for his disobediance. The dog, being a dog, was decidedly upset at the stick which hurt him not paying attention to the fact that it was it’s master’s intentional swing which was the cause. So too said the Rov, our response to the Arab intafada as the cause of our pain in Eretz Yisroel is ignoring our Master. Hashem always wants us to learn from ALL his ma’asim and that yes EVERYTHING that happens in the world is his way of telling us SOMETHING. Daas Torah helps us decipher his message. Perhaps the hall collapse was telling us that the Arabs are no more than the stick as are the wedding hall and (my ha’orah) a drunk driving Arab. I think it is all the more so a message when you have an Arab as the killer in an act that appears not to be terrorism. Well this is my 1 cent on the subject.

    May Hashem bring nechama to all aveilei tziyon v’Yerushalayim.

  9. Feif Un Says:
    YW is right – he unfortunately perished too quickly. I wish he would of suffered and died slowly. Why wouldn’t you want him to suffer, did you stop and think what pain he caused this niftar and family for years to come.

  10. Bill
    In case you havent noticed even FEIF hasnt responded in his defence, why do you insist on reheating an issue that might cause pain to family members of the niftar?
    If you want to abide by a halacha stick to the one that invovles ‘nichum aveilim’ and say something comforting to the family!!!

    I see your proud of your anivus….kol hakovod!

  11. It seems to me that some people here really like the arabs. Do these people forget what they did to our brothers & sisters? Animals we don’t have to feel bad for & they are far worss then animals.

  12. FEIF UN — You’ve figured out this board pretty quickly. Good for you. You’ll find that, more often than not, people prefer to form opinions about current events and then look to the Torah to support them, rather than looking at the Torah first. Sort of like Histakel B’Oraiso U’Boro Almah in reverse.