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Vote Shas — Go to heaven!


Anyone who votes for religious Sephardic party Shas in the upcoming elections is assured of a place in heaven, the party’s spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef told about 8,000 activists at a pre-election rally in Tel Aviv Tuesday evening. Rabbi Ovadia told the enthusiastic listeners about a man who reaches heavens and fears God’s verdict. At that point, a white angel appears and tells the man he is heading to heaven for building a mikvah (Jewish ritual bath) and a synagogue. The man says he has not done any of that because he had no money, but later admits he did vote for Shas. The angel’s reply: “Exactly. And by sending emissaries who built mikvahs and synagogues and safeguarded the world of Torah, you’re a party to mitvzot and your place is in heaven.” Therefore, the rabbi explained, anyone who votes for Shas will end up in heaven. In his speech, Yosef also attacked the previous Likud-Shinui-National Religious Party coalition, saying “they brought us to a million and a half poor people and ruined the world of Torah. “Shas must be strong,” he added. Shas leader Eli Yishai also spoke at the event and told those in attendance “it’s dangerous to vote for the Likud, Labor, or Kadima. Everyone must vote Shas, “otherwise who will safeguard the people of Israel?” he said.Tuesday’s rally, which took place at Tel Aviv’s largest basketball stadium, saw Shas filling about 80 percent of the seats in the 10,000-seat venue. Early in the evening attendance seemed to be sparse and senior Shas figures said they are scared of an embarrassment, as the rally was supposed to arouse party activists ahead of the elections.

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