WATCH THIS: Mussaf at Scheiner’s Minyan in Uman, Rosh Hashana 5779



  1. The problem is we don’t know WHERE in the davening this took place – after the last kaddish from mussaf?
    What’s more exciting to record – a roomful of mumbling people swaying in white bedcovers or said people making merry (from a secular perspective)

  2. Dr. Yidd: The pshat is that Moishiach will appear riding down Eastern Parkway on a white aXX ; Sharpton is the Axx so he doesn’t count as a prospective candidate for Moishiach

    Tschoumi: Their videographer received a special heter to film on Yom Tov from the Travel agent who managed the ticket scam reported here on YWN who sold hundreds of tickets for non-existent flights on Gevalte Airlines.

  3. For those amaratzim about the minhagei Breslov and Uman.
    When the chazzan reaches hamelech everyone claps for about a minute. Yes you can laugh and say what are they clapping for but if you would be there and feel the seriousness of the moment then you might just view it differently.
    Its a powerful way of expressing respect and awe when done the right way.

  4. Maybe the Somber way it’s done in other places with perhaps people thinking about how long it’s taking and Kiddush club and lunch and the next Aliyah is not for everyone. Nowhere is it stated in Torah that sadness and somberness is the way. In fact it says numerous times in the Torah about Serving Hashem with Joy, Happiness, all our Heart and Souls, With Song, Song, Musical Instruments Listed again and Again – so don’t knock it!

  5. After reading the comments here in regards to this video it is no wonder why we are still in Galus. Shame on all those who speak LH. Time to repent my bruthas and sistas.

  6. It’s time to grow up and learn about Rosh Hashana from an adult perspective.

    In order for us to have taken Rosh Hashana seriously in 1st grade the Rebbe in cheder had to tell us to be very serious in a shallow and blind way. There is no big perspective you can give to a child other then just be serious and it is the yom hadin and if you don’t behave you will be written in the book of judgments.

    The reality is Hashem has rachmunis on his children and it is ok to sing and dance and be happy about the good year that Hashem will grant every Yid as long as you will do teshuvah and give it all you have in the coming year. Most people are broiges (upset and angry) about their mistakes and can’t surrender to a Tzaddik that will help them start from new. Bivakasha you stay broiges and do it yourself.

    If your seriousness on Rosh Hashana is that you don’t sing and your very depressed and sad, you don’t really have any hasagah or knowledge of who Hashem is and what Hashem wants from you. Taking Rosh Hashana seriously is to go to a Tzaddik that will help you and open you up to being close to Hashem from whichever place you are coming from. Mistakes that we do push us far away from Hashem. It disconnects us from the purity that Hashem wants us to be in.

    The Tzaddik that said he will help you clean up your mistakes in a REAL WAY the only Tzaddik that said he will help you with pigam habris (which most of klal Yisroel is dealing with, and if you deny this you are Stam nieve and ignorant) that Tzaddik is the one that you should go to on Rosh Hashana if you want to be fully honest and real about your yiddishkeit.

    At the end of the day Rosh Hashana is a day to be mamlich Hashem. And the most becoming way to be mamlich Hashem is to want to be closer to him through cleaning up our mistakes from the whole year. The rest is a bonus. If you want to daven more serious than daven more serious. If you want to daven with simcha and celebration then daven with simcha and celebration. That is not the main thing about Rosh Hashana.

    The ikur is to be connected to a Tzaddik that will guide you and help you with your challenges throughout the coming year.

    It is your responsibility to find the right Tzaddik for you that will honestly help YOU WITH YOUR CALLENGES and you need to pick a mihalech that works for you and NOT pick on other people that have a different mihalech then you. If you feel a need to pick on other people a take apart their choice and mehalech in life WITHOUT GIVING THEM A CLEAR DERECH THAT WILL WORK FOR THEM WITH THEIR CHALLENGES you probably don’t have anything to offer to yourself or them.

    Gimar chasima tovah!

  7. @ysam, @tschoumi.

    It clearly says that Ruptly took the video.

    All it takes is eyin tova to see clearly.

    The Baal Shem Tov says that the world is full of beautiful things and with one small finger a person can block his eyes and be blinded from seeing the beauty of hashem’s world. The talmidey Baal Shem Tov explain that the small finger is tayvos and anger.

  8. HaGaon HaTzadik Reb Yakov Meir Shechter from Yerushalayim.
    Reb Lazer Kenig from Tzfas.
    Harav Avraham Tzvi Kluger from Beit Shemesh.
    Reb Moshe Kramer from Meah Shearim.
    Reb Meilech Zilberger from Manchester eidim of the Gaivid Yerushalayim.
    Reb Yaakov Moshe Salminovitz.
    HaRav Moseson, the famous Poisek from Ger.
    Reb Nissin Doovid Keevak.
    HaRav Brenner
    HaRav Marmershtein.
    Harav Eliyahu Goodlefski.
    Rabbi Meyer from Lakewood.
    Reb Shalom Arush author of the best selling Jewish series in the world, Garden of Emunah.
    HaRav Mota Frank.
    Harav Nosson Maimon.
    Reb Chaim Kramer.

    Just to mention a few LIVE tzaddikim that are living according to the mehalich of Reb Nachman’s teachings and they are accessible all the time and ready to help anyone with their challenges – through the teachings of Reb Nachman.

    Besides, Reb Nachmen is more alive than most of the live Rebbes of today. Meaning to say, He inspires more people IN A REAL WAY then most Rebbes of today.

    And just for the record going to a tzaddik’s grave is called going to a tzaddik.

    Source in Gemara for visiting graves of Tzaddikim: The Gemara in Taanis 16a states that on certain fast days one is to visit a gravesite. One of the reasons mentioned is in order so they pray on our behalf. Likewise in the Gemara in Sota 34b it states that Kalev Davened by the gravesite of the forefathers in Chevron.

    [2] M”A 581/16 “That one is to be Mishtateiach on Kivrei Tzaddikim”; Kitzur SHU”A 128/13

    The burial grounds of a Tzaddik is holy and pure and due to this one’s prayers are accepted above. [Drashos Mahril; Elya Raba 581/39; M”B 581/27; Kaf Hachaim 581/94]

    There are hundreds of mashpiim to learn from and take guidance. “bechira” is always in your hands to receive solid balanced guidance to truly experience Hashem, Torah, Tefilla, and Avodas Hashem. If that is what you’re looking for ;).

  9. “And just for the record going to a tzaddik’s grave is called going to a tzaddik”
    Not according to yourself.
    “The ikur is to be connected to a Tzaddik that will guide you and help you with your challenges throughout the coming year.”
    People don’t get guidance throughout the year from graves.

    “Besides, Reb Nachmen is more alive than most of the live Rebbes of today”
    This is the true Breslov philosophy.
    They belittle the Tzadikkim of each generation because only “Rabbenu” (their words) is the true Tzadik.
    All of the people listed above will say that. They’re only Mashpiim here to help you let Rabbenu into your lives and help you strengthen your belief in Rabbenu.