Video Of Interest: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Speech At AIPAC 2013


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  1. If it could depend on me I wouldn’t waste my most precious time, breath, strength, to explain-justify-describe-or whatever about us! WE ARE JEWS -BARUCH HASHEM-
    we owe nobody anything; everybody owes US!

    The spirit of Dr. Strangelove took my mind over… I would have nuked every single nazislamic country plus some antisemitic european ones.

    The only thing that all these primitives and cave people understand and respect is brute force!

    And PLEASE, don’t call me extremist or any other names – I was born and lived in an Arab country and I know what these pukes are.

    Thank you/

  2. An outstanding hair-raising speech (without the introductory anecdote).
    Can it be beamed to the Arab world specifically,
    and worldwide as well?