HISTORIC VISIT: Rav Chaim Kanievsky Travels to Meron For First Time in 30 Years [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky traveled to the Kever RASHBI in Meron on Tuesday afternoon.

Rav Kanievsky agreed to make the trip on behalf of “Yisachar B’Oholecha” who took top donors to the kever.

This was the Gadol Hador’s first trip to Meron in almost 30 years. The area was closed to anyone not participating, and the entire event was under a strict security blanket.

The chain of Kollelim run by Yisachar B’Oholecha is under threat of closure due to financial difficulties that the organization is facing. The event in Meron was organized strictly for donors in an effort to raise money to save the organization and the Kollelim they support. It is for this reason that Rav Kanievsky agreed to participate.

A fund raised nearly $9 Million on Tuesday.



  1. So they closed off Meron to “regular” people so that a yeshiva can have their fundraiser and display the Rav like a mascot. Something about that doesn’t sound right…

  2. This is NOT a yeshiva.
    This is the largest (or one of the largest) collection of Kollelim in the world.
    R Chaim was not being paraded around like a mascot. He very happily/willingly gave of his time in order to help the organisation raise the funds it so desperately needed.
    He went mid-day, and now is not “busy season.”