WATCH: Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Brings Simcha To The Talmidim And Community Of Flatbush


On Lag B’omer Torah Vodaath brought simcha to the homes of hundreds of parents, grandparents and good friends in Flatbush!

Realizing the constraints of the Pandemic, (social distancing), etc. the Hanhallas Hayeshiva decided to do something out of the ordinary. If the talmidim couldn’t come and partake in a celebration in the Yeshiva as was done for years past, the Menahelim and the Rebbeim would go visit their talmidim in front of their own homes!

On Lag B’omer, from before noon until after 7pm “The Simcha Float” wound its way up and down the streets of Flatbush, as the Menahelim and the Rebbeim greeted the familiar faces of their smiling talmidim, who were so excited to be part of the Yeshiva’s Lag B’omer celebration. Along the way hundreds of Flatbush residents, many of them elderly, who had been “quarantined in their homes for the last two months”, stood on their porches and at their windows and waved to the flotilla.

Exhausting but exhilarating! The simcha that permeated Flatbush, the Rebbeim and the talmidim, was palpable! May the simcha of the day continue to ignite the Aish of Torah amongst the talmidim and amongst all of Klal Yisroel!