Video Of Interest: This Man [Rabbi Stav] Was Almost Chief Rabbi Of Israel



  1. Maran Rav Ovadia said that the people who know him best said that he was not fit to be Chief Rabbi. Megalgalin Zchus Al Yedey Zakai. Maran buried his candidacy. What a Ness!

  2. scary! this is exactly what are grandkids can turn out to be chas vesholom. This is a result of embracing a bit of the amalek; there’s such a kaltkeit and zilzul in this video and the whole DL community. There are no gedarim or bounds. it’s selective judaism. and what they do do that is based on something is so twisted and made to fit. Complete complete busha.

  3. Mods- How can you continue to spread sinas chinam and lashon ha’rah by initiating such threads? There is absolutely no justification for this. He may not parallel your customs but, honestly, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. While looking at this video I tried to watch with an open mind. This turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected. However, this is my conclusions (for anyone that cares at all what I have to say. LOL)

    It appears to me that the D”L have a different view of the position of Chief Rabbi of Israel than we do. Therefore, neither of the two videos concerns them as any sign of not being fitting for the position.

    The Chareidi view of the position of Chief Rabbi of Israel is more complicated and I will not even try to articulate it here. What’s important here is that we expect more from a Chief Rabbi than they do.

    I gather the D”L look at the position from a Zionistic view point and we from a Strategic view point. Thus we are more concern with the persona that the Chief Rabbi of Israel gives over than they. They desire “one of their own” and we desire to “protect the sanctity of Torah”. The position of Chief Rabbi of Israel is a complicated one and at times requires resigning as several have done in the past. That is not an easy thing to do and requires one of strong and upright character. Thus, we are more picky on who’s Chief Rabbi.

    As far as the two videos I saw (the article one and one that #3 chachamhagadol posted).

    The Purim shpiel video (#3’s link)does not bother me as it was a staged performance for his congregants and is normal for Roshei Yeshivas and Rabbanim to interact with their Talmidim/congregants’ performances. The only comment I’d like to make is that I think he surprisingly looks better in Yerushalmi garb than in his regular garb. Who knew?!

    As far as the video in the article I’m a little more critical of. The style is one that I could expect from your average Rabbi, but not from someone of a higher stature. I think it is one that in the future he may regret having done. Before anybody becomes too critical, haven’t we all done something in our lives that we look back with a little embarrassment?

    As far as #6 EH’s comment, I have to agree a little. What real benefit will come out of this article? We Chareidim don’t need this video to decide not to follow him and the D”L are not going to look down upon him for having done so.

    This is a time that we need to unite. There are many that are falling prey to bickering and into the hands of the Sitra Acheir. Think about that.

  5. #9 and everyone else – You do realize that this video is just another purim shpiel, it says clearly “rav purim”…

  6. What a disgrace.
    A ‘frum’ news site posting a Purim shpiel video of a respected Rav with a title which is quite simply asking for sinas chinam, loshon hara and motzai shem ra.
    Someone needs to reexamine their hashkafos.

  7. Spreading sinas chinom? It seems this is something h e himself produced. How can you blame how bad someone is making R Stav look when he himself produced this publicly.