HORRIFYING VIDEO: Watch Complete Video Of Fatal Terror Atack In Yerushalayim At Kikar Zvhill


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  1. While I greatly appreciate the type of news that I find on Yeshiva World, and the sensitivity with which news items are typically presented, I must say that I am saddened by the decision to air a video of a fatal terrorist attack R”L. Although we want to remain constantly updated as to the events effecting acheinu bnei Yisrael at all times, we run the serious risk of desensitizing ourselves to pain and loss, and even chas v’shalom (inadvertently) turning this into our “kosher entertainment.” I would humbly state my opinion that this video should be removed from the site.

    I have not watched it, nor do I intend to. Again, yasher koach to this website for all that they do. May we hear besuros tovos bikarov, amen.