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WATCH: Meah Shearim: Violent Reaction To Taxi Driving Right Before Shabbos

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  1. These street thugs got to go!!!

    It’s before Shabbos, & did they ever hear of Pikuach nefesh??? Send these guys to IS areas – those are thelogical/extremist populations.

  2. The headline said “right before Shabbos'” so what gives? Also, if it were Shabbos, their banging on the car is ok? We expect people to become Baalei Teshuva with this kind of behavior?

  3. Beautiful. What a wonderful kiddush Hashem. Why weren’t rocks thrown at the driver? The banging on the hood didn’t seem sufficient. I have no doubt this will increase shmiras shabbos across israel; as soon as everyone views this video they will surely be inspired to keep shabbos. Kol hakavod!

  4. A man that really wants to be chozer betshuva will look at all the good and understand that these pple belong to a minute group that have dedicated their lives to kanaos. Wether it is building sites they deem as assur to build on according to their sheeta. Wether it is anything government. Or it is shabbos. There is a problem though lately that more and more cars are driving through areas that were limited to traffic on shabbos. But this is no excuse for a circus. It’s before shabbos.

  5. Geulah
    Please explain how someone who is contemplating TSHUVA would know these minute idiots are kanaim. (If there is even a halachic allowance for kanaoim) .

  6. 1)Everyone driving through for almost a century already is fully aware to expect this.It’s hardly news.. unless someone has a fish to fry
    2)Once while walking with other religious fellows between Bet Shemesh and ramat Bet shemesh over a decade ago on shabbos,a car pulled over to us and starts shouting at us “shabbos,shabbos”.
    In other words they expected and desired us to shout and scream shabbos (as perhaps the yerushalmim of RBS are wont to do)

    By refraining we were,it seems,

    1) copping out of our communal role
    2)depriving them of good ol’fun
    3)depriving them of a strawman

  7. Maybe it even was an arab or druze driver – they routinely do those late Friday spins-around for people to get to their hosts.
    YWN editor, please discontinue it. It only brings about more שנאה from within and we can’t afford any more divisiveness amongst the עם הנבחר.

  8. Banging on a car is not exactly a “violent” reaction. Let’s not exaggerate. Obviously a non-Shomer Shabbos took the picture. Or perhaps it was so close to Shabbos that the taxi driver would be traveling home after Shabbos. This is a very big problem, that people travel in cabs so close to Shabbos as to cause the driver to drive after shkiah. Perhaps they were angry at the passanger, not the driver.

  9. This is obviously NOT the way to be Mekarev Yidden to Shmiras Shabbos . No no one gains from such actions, Just some “frum” people finding a way to let out their personal frustrations. What a pity that they think that they are called “Charedi”

  10. stop a moment,

    can you imagine, if the pple outside the car, would stop the taxi, and peek inside and say, sir, it’s almost shabbos. try and hurry home. here are some shabbos cakes and challos to take with you.

    which way would enter the heart?

  11. They are a bunch of thugs it has nothing to do with shaboss, being it is still light outside it may well be after shekia but its still not shaboss according to alot of shitus namely chassdish ones if one was not mekabel shaboss yet

  12. If it was “right before shabbos” the person may have been rushing home, was stuck in traffic, was at the hospital, is a guest arriving at a hosts house, a traveler arriving late from the airport or from another town, or any number of scenarios, and No one has the obligation to bring Shabbos in early. How dare those people treat another human being like that.

  13. Just to add to my earlier post. If you look at the day light that was left, it was probably well before Shkia. Yerusalayim’s licht benching time to shkia is more than a half hour. Not the 18 minutes that you are used to.

    Also, for a taxi to be going through that neighborhood at that time, he was obviously NOT looking for passengers. That means he was dropping someone off. So the message that would be learned from other taxi drivers is not to take anyone to Meah Shearim close to Shabbos and that may make those people Mechalel Shabbos.

    It could also have been an Arab driver or a Jews who had time to get home before Shkia and those nuts were making him be Mechalel Shabbos by preventing him from getting home on time. Whatever the case, their actions were far worse than the drivers.

  14. Why on earth do you report such imbecile actions. It will only encourage ignorant people to look down at chareidim. Please remove this report. It’s a great chilul Hashem.

  15. Hardly my cup of tea,perhaps

    But kiruv,who’s kidding?
    If they were foreigners ,the outcry were be fair enough.

    but isrealis ? they smirk at this “kiruv” niceness.

    For them,they just reckon you gullible.
    they put on a kippa ,say a bracha,and they get treated like they’re the greatest thing on the planet.

    half hour later they’re back to their regular habits…

    I don’t recall too many calling on Rav Ovadia Yosef, Z’tl, to apologize for remarks and personal attacks he frequently made about those he disagreed with, and if they did he ignored them
    and.. he was a superb me’karev

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