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Video Of Interest: Stop Hiring Arabs Campaign

16 Responses

  1. Sickening video. This unfortunate storekeeper must now waste time and effort clearing the checkout lines and put all the items back. A bunch of ganavim who have no respect for the time or property of others. Hopefully they will do teshuva, ask mechila and clean up their mess.

  2. I registered on YWN specifically to say:

    This is shameful behavior, and the self-satisfied smirks on the faces of the people perpetrating it reveal that they are happily running to do this terrible (and terribly staged) thing.

    I certainly hope that the people who perpetrated this will go back, offer to clean up, and apologize.

  3. The campaign to stop hiring Arabs is appropriate. Such tactics are not. People should just stop shopping there and let management know why.

  4. @crazykanoi That’s one thing that you are not! (a kanoi). They could argue that it’s sakonas nefashos, and something has to be done. But as a rule, one shouldn’t take matters in ones own hands, if you’ve got a problem, speak to your local rav…

  5. I agree with this campaign-if a religious Jewish man can’t walk through your employee’s neighborhood without being attacted,why hire him?Too many arab employees have murdered us-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  6. #1 it must be so hard for the store keeper to put all that stuff away.
    What he should do is leave the job for someone else.
    In fact there is an organisation specifically there to clean up.
    Its called Zaka.
    They come and wipe up blood and party parts after the employed Arabs have been there to do their work.

  7. crazykanoiy the store in the video is the Yesh in Ramat Eshkol. When asked the manager said that they don’t do background checks on the Arabs they hire. I think that this is an appropriate way to send a message to the management that at the very least we want background checks. In fact, maybe some of our more “askanish” people can organize a boycott including alternative shopping venues.

  8. I would rather have the storekeeper waste time and effort to clear out checkout lines then watching someone clean out floor drenched with our brothers blood! Hopefully we should all follow this example!

  9. It’s like a commercial – it’s not a video of
    something that people are actually doing.

    It’s not clear that YWN were aware of that when they put it
    up – maybe they’d have labeled it better if they had been.

  10. I support this campaign. These store owners should have put their priorities in order in the first place. Several months ago I witnessed an arab employed at yeish chesed supermarket in RBSA (that store has more arabs than Jenin)take offense at something said to him. His reaction- grabbing the nearest bleach cleaning spray and rampaging through the store, spraying customers.They are all ticking WMDs.

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