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Video Of Interest: Temple Mount Activist Yehuda Glick Released From The Hospital

7 Responses

  1. This is the biggest Chilul Hashem. he should be locked up in a mental asylum. He has no heter to be an activist. He is a danger to society. He has jewish blood on his hands. One is not allowed to include him in a minyan or to answer Omen to his brochos. The punishment for his Averios is Kores which means dying before 60 and all his children die in his life time. Glick hope you are prepared for this. it may take time but Hashem forgets nothing. The door of teshuva is open but first you need to recognize your sins.

  2. this was not an assassination it was murder. assassination is to heads of state or public ELECTED figures, this guy is lower than the arab who tried (And sadly was unsuccessful) killing him.

  3. What a sad commentary on the young & immature commenters!!

    Know facts, learn the issues before you start aiming poison arrows to non existent targets!

    REFUAH Shelayma Yehuda. We learn from u to thank Hashem first & extend hakaras hatov to those who do chesed for u. Yrhuda & his wife have a large family plus half a dozen foster children (terror orphans) that they have adopted.

  4. who is young and immature. I know Halocho. I follow what the torah says and what the Rabbonim tell us. Poor foster children if they have such irresponsible foster parents, people who risk their lives for ideologies that are based on false facst. Wake up, Learn Torah and then Mr Glick can think about the idea of maybe calling himself a Rabbi.

  5. Yakov Kornbluh are you the moderator?

    Who is moderating these articles?

    Why would an answer to a commenter (#1 above) not be posted?

    Its an explicit Rambam. I’m really getting surprised at the narrowness of Yeshivah world. You can have an opinion but you show all sides.

    Moderators Note: Yakov Kornbluh?

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