WATCH: Arab MKs Removed From Knesset After Interrupting PM’s Opening Speech Of New Government


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  1. The Arabs even being allowed to be in the Knesset is the biggest act of turning the other cheek in the world today. Turning the other cheek is not a Jewish concept. Israel is Jewish, and so should be its government.

  2. So what most of you are saying is that Israel should officially not be a democracy (including before Moshiach’s arrival.)

    Your amateurish short-sighted comments just disqualified you from the category of “Aizehu Chochom, Haro’eh ess Ha’noyled”…

  3. Why talk about making peace with them.
    They don’t want peace.
    They want “a piece”. The whole piece.
    They respond as though Israel is the aggressor and we don’t want peace, when it is they who are hiding and shooting missiles, digging terror tunnels, ramming cars into Jews.
    The world stands blind, falling for their lies.

  4. So for all the talk of a new beginning for the Arabs as progressives; its the same old routine as always.