WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Brilliantly Strikes down Anti-Israel Question at Conference


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Famed US lawyer and political commentator Alan Dershowitz, recently gave a talk and showed his strong passion for the Israeli state. After his speech at a conference he allowed the audience a chance to ask him questions. A woman of Palestinian origin gave a long winded question/statement, in which Dershowitz brilliantly shot down all her points, logically and brilliantly.


  1. Ever wonder why he is so successfully with his answers??? He has knowledge of Jewish history of the 20th century. Are we adequately giving over accurate history to our young adults so that they can stand proudly with the “facts” on their side?!?!

    & if not?? WHY NOT???

  2. Faker, these are not basic answers that every Jew can rattle off with such confidence. I am glad to have heard it. Wish all the biased nations of the world would believe it.

  3. Alan Dershowitz is a great and articulate speaker. However, he always supported a two state resolution which is not realistic given the culture of Muslim Arabs living in Israel and the surrounding areas.

  4. Why post it years later? Because the truth doesn’t change, just the lies, and it’s obvious that people still don’t get it. This is still very relevant and should be posted every day.