WATCH: Carson On Endorsing Trump: I Wanted To Stop Open Convention


Former GOP candidate talks his ‘pragmatic’ decision to back Donald Trump on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’


  1. I like Ted on policy but ill vote for Trump because Cruz’s tax plan will devastate the middle class. Take me as an example i have 7 children i make 100k per year i pay no income tax because of my dependents and i live a very simple life and im just getting by. Under his plan i would be forced to pay 10k per year in taxes that will devastate me and millions like me 10k is our grocery’s for the year, so now my wife will have to get a job to make up for that and destroy my family in the process. his plan is no good for the middle class.

  2. 1. Trump is the only anti-establishment non-politican candidate still running. Cruz, with his Ivy law degree (“Ivy” and “Law” being the problem) is more of an establishment politican than he wants to believe. Trump is a candidate of “change”.

    2. Trump can adjust his positions, easily, to be tolerable to the other factions of the Republican party, whereas no other candidate would change his positions to appeal to Trump’s base. The question is will Trump manage to adjust his message to win the election (since based on current polls, Sanders or even Clinton will “trump” him soundly).

  3. cruz plan up to 60k free tax for most of us is better then now
    you make 100k and dont pay tax because your dependans ? how could that be?
    if you mean that you receive 10k in tax return now tax return will remain?
    @3 cruz is an establishement? what??
    trump anti establishement? he is hes own establishement he have hes own interest in behing president and he will do the best for hem
    trump will change? how do you know that? because he say that? he has changed now a lot of hes policies, imigration, health care ,etc
    also why do you believe what he say do you have a record for hem standing against the establishment its now the first time he says that, cruz is doing that for the last six years in senat again and again.